Our Pick - Reading Suggestions for June 13th

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I Finally Found The Most Amazing Thing in My Secret Forest! by @riverflows


From the great photos that you have shared, your secret forest looks awesome! It looks that your "excursion" there was a win at old fields... You got a nice walk, found what you have searched for, and had a tasty meal from your harvest!

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Another Crypto Market Fall and How to deal with it by @reeta0119


That red crypto bubbles screenshot looks scary... Usually, we can see at least 4 to 5 green ones, but I see only 2 tiny circles this time... Btw., just a couple of hours ago I did a post named "Dip Of All Dips" writing about how nobody knows where the "final dip" is... And, only a few minutes after that, we dipped even more...
Completely agree with you that it's not time for panic, but rather a time to DCA into the projects that you believe!

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The Value of $1000 for me ~ by @ahmadmanga


Having a different exchange rate between bank and "street" is a dirty way to hide the "real numbers" from the outside world... But, it always works only for that, for "marketing purposes", as industry and people are using the market value, which is in your case, the street value...
Thanks for sharing this REAL information about the economic situation in Libya...

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SPS Player Staking by @ijat


That's a very interesting calculation that you made here. So far I haven't really gone into the details of how player staking will look like in detail. It's nice to go through your post and I know already much more now :-).

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