Our Pick - Reading Suggestions for June 10th

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Save the date! HiveFest⁷ 2022 - 15-18 September - Amsterdam, The Netherlands by @roelandp


I have regretted of not going to the last "real-life" Hive Fest in Bangkok... I will try to not repeat that mistake this time! See you in Amsterdam!
Sharing for more visibility!

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The beauty of the sunset always makes our eyes comfortable looking at it by @idayrus


Beautiful sunset photos! I like the best photo with the fence and horse!
Thanks for sharing!

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The Edge Mastercard | First Ever Anonymous Crypto Debit Card by @l337m45732


*Oh, man... When I started to read this post, it was like a dream come true... :) Anonymous debit card, Monero top-ups!?? It looks impossible to see happening and I truly hope that I'm wrong...
I hope they will sort out the problems, and we will have a debit card without KYC soon! *

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MMORPG Game Closing Testing Phase on Hive? by @gadrian


When all around things are crumbling, Hive continues on it's slow boring path with people on all horizons building stuff. I have the feeling that hive has reached a kind of stability that decouples it from the markets, like live goes on inspite of all the FUD. Definitely looking forward to learning more about this project.

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Although the author called the cow a horse I am inclined to believe that photographs of this sunset deserve attention). Yes, the link of this post does not work, it needs to be fixed, or, these are problems in Leofinance.

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Hahahaha... My bad... lol... I thought it was a horse... 😂

Some great picks today. Thanks guys. !CTP

Thank you for checking them out!

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