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RE: Don't Get Sucked Into Twitter While Promoting Hive On Twitter. K? Thanks.

I end up putting in a lot more time than that because it's an energy efficiency thing. Meaning I spend a lot of time on my phone, where I don't use any Hive apps because of slight paranoia (get hacked, lose my phone, etc.), so I end up checking Twitter a lot anyway. Because of that, I just decided to go with it and promote Hive there whenever I'm on.

Actually though, I think Twitter is just as fun as Hive in its own way. It's fairly easy to get interaction because of the sheer number of people there. But of course I don't like the censorship, shadow banning, etc. going on there. At some point though, there will be enough people microblogging on Hive with similar interests to mine that it won't be necessary to promote on Twitter anymore.


Shouldn’t hive be safe with hivesigner?

Twitter can definitely be fun. But it caters a lot more to multitasking, fast change in focus. I can’t do it too much lol

It's not so much that it can't be safe, it's more that being safe on a mobile device requires a little setup work that I don't really feel like doing right now / haven't investigated enough / need to buy a new phone anyway and don't want to bother setting things up only to have to do it again. I have everything safely set up on my desktop and that's good enough for now.