Tips And Tricks & Useful Hive Tools For Newbies

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Today I'm going to show you a few tools you can use on Hive, to monitor your performance, as well as I'm going share a few useful tips, to keep you safe and stop you from being scammed. Scammers are at every corner and newbies are the target for a good reason.

Safety First!!!

Let's start with a few safety measures as safety always comes first, no matter what we are talking about.

There's a saying in crypto, according to which: "Not your key, not your crypto". This is very true and this is why Hive has a huge advantage. You have your own keys, you're in charge of your wallet, but that doesn't necessarily mean you're safe. It's kind of like with a pepper spray or a firearm. Having one doesn't mean you're safe, unless you know how to use it. Otherwise it can easily be used against you. It's the same with keys as well. If you don't know how to keep them safe, you're at huge risk.

First of all you need all your keys written down. All keys means your MASTER, OWNER, ACTIVE, POSTING and MEMO key! All of them written down, printed out and stored in a safe place.

Next, you need to learn when and where to use your keys. MASTER key you don't use, unless your account gets hacked. I don't have any experience in this regard (thank God!), but here's a useful guide, in case your account gets hacked -> Hive Account Recovery - User Guide.


And because I have mentioned bookmarking, here's how you can bookmark a page using PeakD. Bookmark this post in PeakD or in your browser or both, in case you need it.


When you want to access your bookmarks, go to your profile, click PeakD Settings and you're going to have the Bookmark option in the left column.

Keychain & HiveSigner

Once you have all your keys safe, you should think about how and when to use them. We have two Hive funded services on our blockchain, that are designed to keep us safe from scam artists. These are Keychain and HiveSigner. Using these services can save you from inserting your keys every time you want to log in and make the mistake of inserting you keys into a scam platform. What scammers do is make you click a link, that takes you outside Hive, ask you for your key and the second you insert your key, your account is not yours anymore. They take control of your account, change the keys, lock you out, transfer out all your liquid rewards and start power down. You can recover your account, if you have your MASTER password, but you can never recover your liquid funds. Once they transfer it to their account, you can kiss it good bye as no one is able to get it back.

Any decent dapp on Hive has one of these login option implemented, if not both. After all these years, we don't trust any dapp, interface, that doesn't have Keychain, or HiveSigner. Check them out and decide if it worth using them, or not.


The most most common scam we have on Hive is usually the "promised airdrops". You get a comment under one of your posts, letting you know to claim your airdrop or claimdrop, whatever they want to call it. That can be HIVE or LEO token, or whatever token they think is going to spark your interest. Usually there's a link, that takes you off Hive and asks you to log in. When you do, they take control of your account and you're done!

Unfortunately new users are easily fooled. Some of them are eager to make money out of necessity, others are greedy and don't think.

What you need to know is that none of the airdrops/claimdrops are announced in comments!!! Never, never, never! Any community, dapp, game or any project that wants to do airdrops, first does a post to announce the event, sharing details about how and when it's going to happen.

The other thing you have to think about is, if it is too good to be true, then it is NOT TRUE! Just ask yourself, why on earth would anyone give 300 - 500 HIVE or LEO to hundreds of users?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but so far all the airdrops have been based on stake, based on the amount you hold or any other community token, for a good reason.

If you see such a comment, even from a well known friend of yours, don't jump in both feet. Think before you act, as that's why you have your head. Then ask others. We have Discord where people talk about many things, of just contact someone you know has been on the chain longer than you and can have a look. Any airdrop is available for a few days, if not longer, no need to do stupid things out of greed. Your friend can have his account hacked, you trust him and you thing the comment is legit and that's how they fool you.

We have a number of tools you can use on Hive and I suggest you start using a few you like as it can give you a better picture of how your things stand.



Let's start with the most used tool, which is called Hivetasks. This is a tool first developed on the legacy chain by @ steemchiller, who decided to stay on the legacy chain. After the fork, @ fernandosoder adapted it for Hive and we are very grateful for that. I use it every day and consider it my eyes on Hive, even though it has some flaws.

For this demonstration, I'm going to use @ pinmapple's account (I hope they won't bite my head off) 😏


So before I go into details, I need to mention, that sometimes it may not load properly and you may get what you see on the screenshot above. It's a matter of settings and this is how you can easily fix it.


Go to Settings, click Modules and set SDS to OFF. This way the data is going to load.

You can check votes received, voted given, vote percentage, vote value and a lot of other things for the last seven days.


There's the Effective Comment Vote, which you need to disregard as it serves for nothing.


You can check Active and Finished posts as well. There are a lot of drop down menus in each section, so please feel free to check it out as there's no way I can explain everything here.


There's a "Coming Rewards" section as well, which can tell you how much is going to come in, in the upcoming 7 days from Author Rewards, as well as from Curation Rewards.


At the curation section be advised that the Efficiency (Eff) is not accurate. We have a better tool for that, which I'm going to show you next.

That's about it, the rest you need to figure out by using it. If you have any questions, you know where to find me.


The other tool, similar to Hivetasks is HiveStats, powered by the Leofinance team. It has a different layout, with some similar and some different data listed.


It seems to me that this one is more detailed, plus it has the dark mode option as well, which can help you protect your eyes.


You can monitor your account grows and visualize the chart as well.


And here's what I've mentioned above, your curation data and the efficiency here is accurate.

I am using both, because as I said earlier, for me none of them is complete. I'd love to merge them and make a better tool, but for that I'd need a dev as I can't do coding yet.


HiveBuzz is another cool tool you may want to get familiar with in order to see your "status".


As the welcoming screen says, HiveBuz can buzz you at times, so you most likely have already seen some automated comments from them.
You can also see the existing statuses on Hive, from Red Fish to Whale. The road is very long from the first one to the last one, if you don't invest fiat or other crypto into the game 😂 (talking from experience here)😏


So as you can see, pinmapple is an Orca, which is the second largest after Whale. What is interesting to note here is the details listed next to the badge, the number of posts and comments to be precise.

Please note, this is a community account, so you can't judge it as a user's account, but if it were, I'd be very interested to check the comment/post ratio. Hive is a social platform, users are content creators but also content consumers, as otherwise what would be the point, right? Engagement is crucial here and the higher your comment/post ratio, the better. Posting continuously, without engaging is frowned upon. Also posting and getting rewarded while no one is commenting on your post could mean no one is interested.


Below the badge you can see a lot of cool stuff, like NFT For Peace, which is a project to help Ukrainians and a bunch of personal achievements. Basically every badge is collected here. These are personal achievements.


Next, you can check your ranking among all the accounts, by clicking on the crown, then searching for your username, or any other username you are interested in.


And here it is, pinmapple is ranked 98 based on their reputation. There are a lot of details listed and you can rearrange the list by clicking on whatever you're interested in.


Clicking on HP you can see pinmapple is 277 on the list.

These are the tools I wanted to show you today and a few tips to what you need to pay attention to. I'm sorry I can't give you a more detailed presentation about these, this post is already as long as my arm, but the best way to learn is by experiencing it yourself, so if you're interested in any of them, check them out and start learning.

Also please let me know if you need more clarification regarding what I've written in this post.

Don't forget to have fun 🙂

If you're a newbie, you may want to check out these guides:



Wow this is a very detailed post, it is really helpful I really gain many things out of it. I most say thank you so much for sharing this with Us I really appreciate it

You're welcome. Learn it, use it to make your journey better on Hive.

A patient and detailed explanation as always. This is quite helpful. I'll re blog to help me go back to it again.

Thank you for sharing @Erika

Thank you and you're welcome. I'm glad you find it helpful :)

It is very helpful to me dear friend @erikah ❤️❤️❤️🙏 Thank you so much for this informative content from you. Have a nice time. 🤗

My pleasure, you have a nice day as well.

Sending love 🤗❤️❤️❤️

Wow! Detailed and insightful. I've received various comments from Hivebuzz anytime i hit a new milestone in upvotes or posts, didn't know what it entails until now. Thanks for this piece.

My pleasure. I suppose many are neglecting to check out Hivebuzz because of the automated comment. It's much more than just an automated comment, it's a very cool tool.

I book marked this post. It's very useful information. Thank you.

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I'm glad you find it useful.

Why not add @hive.autoclaim to your list? It allows you to automatically claim your rewards, hive-engine tokens, larynx, and more..., even when you are sleeping ;)

Honestly? I forgot about that, but thanks for bringing it up. Looks like this is next and if you can suggest any useful tool I left out, I'd be happy to cover those too :)

This will be really helpful thanks for showing we newbies

My pleasure, I'm glad to know it's going to be useful.

Always good to highlight these types of posts as knowing what is available is a must.

Yes, they need to know in order to use these tools.

A newbie like me really needed all you've just explained above, thanks for taking your time to share this step by step info with us, most needed.

You're welcome. I'm glad you find it useful :)

Thank you for sharing @erikah!🙏

You're welcome.

Thanks for the bookmark tip. I've previously bookmarked stuff but had no idea where to find the bookmarks. I think they should include it in the main filters in the header.

You're welcome. The idea to post the tutorial about bookmarks came on the go as I also had to look for it.

You can suggest the chance to the PeakD devs in Discord.

I’m just going to go ahead now and do what I do best. Explore and toggle some menus and buttons around in these tools(nobody will get hurt in this I promise😂😂)

I’ve been looking for tools like these for a while really. HiveBuzz has been the only one available and I’ve played around in it a bit. Onto new toys now haha.

Thanks as always erikah! This will be very helpful.

You're welcome!
The best way to learn is doing it, so go ahead and play with these tools as you can't make any harm :)

Of course. Hey I’m not sure how I came across it, but I think I stumbled upon an account growth curve or something like that in one of these tools 2 weeks back. I’m finding it difficult finding my way back to it. Could you help me out:)

I don't think I've ever written about account growth curve. Don't even know what you are referring to. Are you sure it wasn't the reputation system? Or in this post there's Hivestats that shows you account grows.

Yes, it’s Hivestats. The interface looked a bit different from the HiveStats growth in your post here but yes, that’s it. Thanks🙂.

Wait, we have Hivetasks and Hivestats, these are two different tools :)

Yeah, I get it now.

I was talking about HiveStats🙂

I've bookmarked your article because it's a very useful resource for navigating through Hive, both for newbies and oldies. Thanks a lot for taking out your time to prepare this. After reading, I checked the HiveStacks. It was a little but confusing at first but I'll soon get the hang of it. Have an exceptional weekend. 🤗😊😊

I'm glad to hear that and you're welcome.

It may be confusing at first as there's a lot of data listed, but if you start exploring, you'll get used to it. No rush, so take your time and you'll love it in a week. You'll see you won't be able to live without it.

Have a nice weekend too 🤗

Oh that's a relief 😌🤗
Thank you do much 🥰🥰

You're welcome 😊

Reblogged as this is great!


Thank you!


Hi Erikah, it is good to have all the tips in one place and thanks for explanation. I have seen already the post with the advices for newbies but it is never enough. For now I am simply posting and commenting and not really interested to click on the links that appear around. Especially if someone offer so much for nothing then it is suspicious and already "shouts" itseld that it is a fraud.

You should always be careful what links you click on as we live in the era of digitization and thieves are the hackers. You can lose all you have in a second.

This is really indepth well explained about tools and thanks for the tips!

Didn't knew about tools like hive tasks before and now aware with all kind of scams and personally seeing Hive is on like Phishers watch list - heard about couple of hive related projects discord Got hacked and Hopefully everyone will take care of things.

There will always be scammers, so better be prepared to avoid being scammed.

Yea sadly!

Agree. We should be fully prepared for em.

Erikah thanks so much man, am not aware of the recovery process thanks to you, the although i see it comments all times on my post i don't know what it about thanks again

You're welcome. Use it to learn things as it's going to help you for sure.

Thank you very much @erikah.
This is what I've been looking for all along. You have simplified this guide very well.

Let me save your post. I will make a guide for me & other newbie friends.

Have a great day.

I'm glad you find it helpful.

Have a bice day as well.

Thanks boy, All i was looking for it❤️

You're welcome

Really nice and detailed presentation! Newbies need to see this. Thanks for sharing!

My pleasure.

Thank you for this very informative and helpful guide.

You're welcome.

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Very useful for me that one it is. Very completed information and now I start use the hivetasks but hivestates is already used. Thank for sharing for that information.

Finally, I read something related to Hivetasks. Oh, it took me time to find the bookmark before. I hope they add it alongside the Myblog, All posts so that we can easily find it.
Thanks so much for this! I learned a lot.

You're welcome. You can talk to the PeakD devs on Discord. Tell them it would be better at another place.

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