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Are you in it for the long haul? Then you probably understand what staking rewards are and may even be familiar with this site. This came across my desk this morning from @latino.romano and has already been publicized in a post from fellow witness @guiltyparties. This is the second time in three days I've visited this place as I was talking to an old friend (@jatinhota) about different tokens we hold. We both have this place bookmarked, and for good reason.

What is Staking???

Some of you may not even realize it, but when you are powering up your HIVE here on this blockchain, you are literally staking it to earn slightly over a 3.3% APR. Without having to do anything! That's about ten times the interest you're going to get at any centralized bank. Staking simply means 'keeping it here'. Consider it a temporarily frozen asset which takes you 13 weeks to fully unthaw. 😉 Plus, there is also a 3% interest rate on your HBD you have in savings! We have two tokens here at Hive that are worth being on their list.

Community Strength

Guilty put some good words out there. We want mass adoption and Hive to be a household name as this cryptowinter comes to an end. Every small step forward is a greater distance from the starting line. To get Hive listed on Staking Rewards, you'll have to do three things:

  • Create your account - click/tap here to do that😉
  • Wait a few seconds and the website give you your first 10 HEARTS tokens
  • Once you have your hearts, vote for Hive!😝

Easy peasy. It takes all of about 30 seconds to complete the process. I will be visiting the site later today to see if that number has gone up from 305 - which I hope it at least doubles in the next few days. Pass this post around, pass Guilty's around, hell, make your own and tweet it out everywhere! (ahem - @nathanmars & @traciyork 😋) I've seen us do amazing feats like this in the past and know we can continue to accomplish even greater things. Just, ya know, when you do it, REMEMBER TO BE YOU! I always am, even when I'm one of the 3 Amigos.


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because I can
So Can WE
Vote Witty

Is Voting #WITNESSES difficult?
Let me do it for you!
Set Witty as your --->PROXY VOTER!<---

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Dang it! I was going to leave you a sassy reply with a link to the tweet I'd already done about it, but turns out I haven't yet (my brain got confused by the Stack Exchange & the Marketing Campaign tweets I did yesterday 🤣).

So instead, I'll just quietly drop my tweet link below... 😂

(and DANG IT! I meant to tag you in the tweet, @enginewitty but spaced it. Think I need more coffee... 😜).

Eh, no credit needed, just glad you helping push things along and thank you😎

Oh, I know you don't worry about credit, but I always try to give nods when my brain is working properly, which isn't all that often lately I can. And thank you in return for shouting out.

I joined and voted for Hive ;) will drop a comment in the post published by guiltyparties.

Excellent, thank you sweets!

Absolutely I love keeping my posts on 100% power up so I don't have to worry about staking and then all of that change liquid rewards that I get from my comments being voted half of that is staked instantly and the other half goes into growing my financial Hive engine portfolio!!!

The more I stake the more I grow the more I grow the more I stake!!!!

It's absolutely awesome!

Yessss Fired this up last night and looks like we are doing good.
Looks like we will need to give this another push just before it closes out on June 3rd

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Done voting.
We are already on top!!! Yaaaay!!
Reblogging in the hope that we maintain that advantage.


Hecks ya baby! That's what I like to see!

It is been a while a have not used of checked this website but is cool for looking for potential staking coins.

They have a ton of them on there for those that want to diversify their portfolio.

I just did it. Hive is at 791.8 hearts ❤️

Killin it now sweets!

Esto es estupendo amigo, muchas gracias. Creo que todos debemos tomarnos en serio la tarea de seguir promocionando hive.

Definitivamente. ¡Mi lugar favorito para estar! y gracias!

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