Weighed Down


This nagging feeling of doom
Followed by some horrendous news
Instantly killed my mood
Abducting my mind in a coup

Doing my best to shake it off
After all my mind comes first
Trying hard to put a brave front
Hoping the mask conceal my worst

How do I move on from this?
And be free to be productive
Time doesn't stop for any loss
So best to find my own motive

There is one thing I can bank on
To make it better in the long-run
Time will eventually help out
But by then I might be broken

So I've decided to carry my cross
And tell disaster to do its worst
I'll give this moment to sulk
But I promise soon it's back to work


Time will eventually help out

Time does have a way of helping out no doubt, it just tends to take longer at times.
What if man have control over time?

I sure wish I could change a few things over the past year or so... But all in I think the uncertainty makes for better living. Well that, and the fact that we'd probably screw it up as humans and have us wishing we didn't have any form of control had that been the case

Hahaha we do have a way of screwing things up for sure. It's either we want it this way or that way 🙂

I'm sorry for your loss

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