It's Okay to Struggle with Content Creation

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Sometimes I can think and rethink through what I want to write about for hours on end. If I get lucky, a topic may pop up in my head which should get my creative juices flowing. More often than naught though, I may end up changing my write-up and towing a different direction altogether at the very last minute of putting that initial idea into writing.

Content creation is fickle and subjective. The more subjective it gets the more we tend to demand higher standards from ourselves when creating them. You have often heard of the phrase 'Writers Block' which signifies an inability for creatives to properly conceptualize and put pen on paper. I always give big props to those on the creative side of hive who manage to churn out fresh high quality material everyday knowing the difficulty involved.

Even when it comes to content that are more straightforward in parsing such as content that have to do with research or reporting, it can be a struggle telling such stories/reports from our own perspectives. Any attempt to underestimate the effort required to produce quality from the field would lead to frustration, low quality or even a block.

There is obvious pressure we put on ourselves on the hive platform to churn out content daily, for those of us who do. This scramble can be pathetic at times, often leading to regurgitated or lazy material. It gets particularly sad when one realizes almost no changes in the audience viewing the average and high quality material. Some of the most creative writers on this platform are still largely unheralded.

The above paragraph was not to criticize but to point out the usefulness of marketing ourselves. If you notice the way we move from one social topic of discussion to the next on mainstream social media, you'd know that our audience owes us no loyalty. The best we can do is to try and hold ourselves to high standards while accepting that there will be bad days.

Our content are perhaps the best reflection of our personalities, seeing as most of us may never cross paths in real life. Consistently churning out content even during bad days is not a bad thing, and our audience will resonate more with consistency of our actions than anything else.

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I personally think it is sad we put so much pressure on content creators to create quality posts all of the time.

If the goal is to sell resources credits, traffic is a good thing.

I'm in a content rut too. So, I feel your pain.

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Yeah, daily blogging and looking for contents is not easy. I have tried it and did daily blogging for 7 months without missing a day and sometimes twice a day. It was not easy for me but one of the thing I learnt when blogging daily and still giving out a good quality content is by tapping inspiration from your surroundings and even on the blockchain.

What I did was to remain active in some communities, read some posts and write my few and feelings on a topic an author had already written. It helped me to keep myself consistent but why I can't remain such consistency now is my life has gotten way busier than ever that I manage to spend an hour a day on Hive.

Great Content buddy. Stay safe!!!

Thank you very much

My pleasure!!!

Wow. You wrote a couple of posts and some comments on other posts in an hour. It is amazing @starstrings01 .at least for me. Hehe. I am a slow reader and writer. It takes me too long to read and write.

It is something I have struggled with every now and then as each day you have no clue what you are going to post. One post a day is easy but 2 or 3 becomes a challenge and why having various tribes helps. Reading posts also gives you ideas taking a topic in another direction.

The multiple tribes participation helps a lot. Since I started writing on things I didn't normally write on, my scope has broadened greatly

Totally relatable, happens with me all the time. I often get lost on a thinking spree about what to write. And your post is so much encouraging given my present situation. But I also believe persistence pays. I have been unable to keep up with posting daily though. I don’t know, maybe I take too much time to write i feel in an effort to produce good content.

Thank you for sharing this
Best Wishes

I totally understand this, but I feel we put way too much pressure on ourselves. If we are to produce sub-par content, it may as well be now before hive becomes popular

Our content are perhaps the best reflection of our personalities, seeing as most of us may never cross paths in real life.

THIS! Well said!

I'm inspired by everything around me. I believe in taking the whole blogging activities a day at a time and post only when inspired to. This means my posts must be of quality or else I give it a rest.

I always appreciate those who hold themselves to very high standards...I post regardless and hope it turns out well when am in a rut

I think the standard that we put on us cause greater hinderence. At least in my case it is the case. I keep on discarding ideas considering them not worthy of writing. Sometimes starting to write is difficult even if the topic is decided as I keep on thinking about it

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