Well, did you beat your score from last week??

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I love the challenges that let everyone win with improvement!!

And this week - we're giving out rewards to everyone who pushed just a bit harder to push that score up a bit more!

Don't worry - if you didn't improve? Guess what... We're giving you ANOTHER chance for this coming week! Yep - We've had SO MUCH fun looking at all of your writing and it's really been so creative and consistent! So - what better way to step up the fun than by extending the rewards?

But first - FOR EVERYONE THAT IS NAMED HERE THIS WEEK... IF YOU GO INTO DREEMPORT AND UPDATE YOUR PROFILE PICTURE TO SOMEETHING UNIQUE (AND NOT THE STANDARD IMAGES) YOU WILL GET DOUBLE THE REWARDS TODAY! You MUST drop a comment on this post before Monday saying "I've updated my profile picture in DreemPort @dreemsteem, thanks for doubling my rewards!" If you don't, offer is void! hehehe

OK - let's get to it!!!

I'll name all the people who increased their score, and then... we will go ahead and shine the light on our Top 5 winners of the challenge, based on their ratings from randomly assigned curators and groups!!!

FOUR PEOPLE soared past their first score, showing that they have their finger on the pulse of their readers and improved their rating!
NICE WORK @joseph23, @khaleesii , @blueeyes8960, @cool08 AND @merit.ahama!! You will each receive +50 DREEM TOKENS!


Click on the image to read the TOP 5 WINNING posts! 😁

You top five have earned +100 Dreem tokens for this challenge!!!

Congratulations to @davidbright, @merit.ahama , @litguru, @blueeyes8960 , and @khaleesii !!! You were all most favored in this challenge! Take a look at your scores to see if you have reached an All-Time-High yet? If so - GREAT JOB! and if not... hehehe there is always another day with DreemPort to tantalize those readers and get higher rankings!

Thank you to @theinkwell for ANOTHER great week! Just one week left everyone!!! Whoever can TOP their last score will earn EXTRA rewards next week! Check @theinkwell for the next prompt coming up on Monday night! and then... get... WRITING!!! 😍

For all of you who would like to join in for next week - You can check out THIS POST to get all the details! Feel free to write YOUR POST WHENEVER you feel inspired - but DO NOT DROP your post into the DreemPort site until Thursday!


See you this coming week for the next prompt from @theinkwell!!!

What do you think? Sound easy enough?

Hope to help you connect with MORE readers through DreemPort!

All DreemPort images property of DreemPort and designed by the amazing @jimramones. Please do not use without permission from DreemPort.

For more info - feel free to grab a TESTER ROLE in the DREEMPORT DISCORD SERVER. Ask as much as you like!


Thanks so much @dreemport and @theinkwell for this wonderful opportunity. I'm so glad I did it again this time around. Thanks to everyone who saw me worthy of this... I'm so grateful.

Congrats to @merit.ahama @litguru @blueeyes8960 and @khaleesii. You guys were awesome. Lets do this again nextweek.

I've updated my dreemport profile picture @dreemsteem and thanks for doubling my reward.

Congratulations to you too.

Another awesome round @davidbright. Congrats on being amongst the winners💥

Thanks so much ma'am.. Am so grateful. I just need to put more effort in the final round..

I have updated my profile pictures in the dreemport @dreemsteem

I am so happy I won, I truly appreciate it and congratulation to everyone else.

Also I've updated my profile picture in DreemPort @dreemsteem, thanks for doubling my rewards!

Wonderful effort @khaleesi. Congrats on being amongst the winners❣️

Thank you.

Wow, @merit.ahama and @davidbright are on the winning seat again 😁 hehe congrats to you.
the inkwell community is the most interesting one as it supports the innovative writings only hehe (I don't think so I can show my best there 🤣 rules restrict me Nah ) kidding
Congrats to the remaining winners 🥳🤩

Thanks girl... Longest time 😅

Thanks dear... But i know u aint restricted because you are good in all ramifications

Thank you! This is a unique initiative and am happy to be onboard.

Yes!!! So happy you feel at home, my friend ❣️💥 And congrats on being amongst the winners👏

thrilled to have you!! :)

CONGRATULATIONS, to all the amazing entries!

You all did well, this week. Some, new to me, and some, Hiveans I follow. So great to see such creativity from so many.

Completely agree, always an added joy to read short stories on Dreemport too.

Congratulations to the winners.

and congrats to you for beating your score @joseph23 ! Sorry for missing your name on the list!! You've been added - great job!!!

If you haven't updated your profile pic on DreemPort - be sure to do that and then drop the comment from the post above so you can double your rewards this week! :)

And thank you @dreemport for the opportunity. Reading other people's submissions on dreemport have helped me a lot in this journey of imaginative writing that I have started. Thanks for the opportunity.

I have updated my profile picture on dreemport.

I'm so grateful to have seen my name here. Congratulations to all the winners ...

This is amazing! And I almost gave up on making an entry 🙈 don't ask why, it was just pure Laziness 🤣

Congrats to myself and the others for winning, more wins to us.

I just updated my profile on Dreemport 😇

"I've updated my profile picture in DreemPort @dreemsteem, thanks for doubling my rewards!"

Hehe, thanks for the extra tokens! And thanks for making Dreemport a fun place to be!

Congratulations to all the winners, and all who contributed, and especially to all who curated!
What a great platform this is to encourage engagement.

What's up @dreemport? I can't find my scores!!

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