This month DreemPort shines the light on The Inkwell Community!

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Since I am a fiction writer, you might be wondering why it took so long for us to get to @theinkwell?

It has always been in my mind, but other communities approached first and so we kept waiting for the right time and the time is NOW!

I am SO excited to partner up with @theinkwell this month, as so many of my favorite creative tales come spiraling from that community! You might be asking yourselves, but Dreem we never see you write there. How can you be so sure that it's an amazing community? hehe.. but I DO write there. I write anonymously - and not only do I love it, but I love the community, I love their support, and I love the engagement, I love the challenge to my creativity, and I love to see how others take those fiction prompts and turn them into new ways to look at things!

Not to mention, I love @jayna! hehehe I've gotten to meet her in real life, and her bubbly infectious energy - her supportive encouragement - her desire to learn and grow and help - and her fire for fiction made this a no-brainer for me! Another chance to interact with @jayna? Yes, Please! hehehe


This month - our DreemPort challenges will support @theinkwell WEEKLY PROMPTS!

How does this work?

  1. You don't HAVE to - but you CAN join THE INK WELL community! That way, even after the DreemPort challenge is done, you have a brand new awesome community connection! It also makes navigating there easily for the three weeks of challenges we have shining the light on them! Here is the link to THE INK WELL COMMUNITY

  2. Every week, they will put out a new prompt for you to consider. HERE IS AN EXAMPLE OF LAST WEEK'S. Please pay attention. hehehe this is LAST WEEK'S prompt. A new one will be out soon for THIS WEEK'S CHALLENGE.

  3. You will write your post for THE UPCOMING PROMPT from THE INK WELL COMMUNITY. Current members of the inkwell - you just do as you normally do! Nothing new here! Just write for the love of it! hehehe but then... follow to step #4 if you'd like a bit more!

  4. On THURSDAY - for the next THREE WEEKS - all people who are participating in the DreemPort Challenge featuring The Inkwell will DROP THEIR URL posts into DreemPort

  5. But I never used DreemPort before? It's ok! Here are step-by-step instructions on how easy it is! How do I use DreemPort? It's easy!

  6. IMPORTANT!!! Be sure to read The Ink Well community rules
    You can find the community rules at the top of The Ink Well community (right side of the page).
    Please read the rules BEFORE posting in The Ink Well, as they outline the "do's and don'ts." If you can't find them, you can read them here. The Ink Well's community rules are designed to make the community a safe, welcoming, plagiarism-free space for self-publishing original short stories.

Cheat sheet:

Write your post for the Inkwell Prompt. FOLLOW THEIR GUIDELINES, PLEASE! On Thursday - submit it into DreemPort by 4pm PST. Friday's pool of DreemPort posts will contain YOUR entry. Everyone who visits DreemPort on Friday will have a chance to curate (rank and rate) those posts! On Saturday - you'll see your results!

For the winners - we announce the top 5 based on the opinions of all the public curators who logged in that day! (and yep - YOU can join in the curation on Friday - we hope you do!) We award the top 5 with extra Dreem tokens! (and sometimes we throw in an extra surprise too! hehehe)

Excited for the next 3 weeks with The Inkwell! Can't wait to read ya! :)

What do you think? Sound easy enough?

Hope to help you connect with MORE readers through DreemPort!

All DreemPort images property of DreemPort and designed by the amazing @jimramones. Please do not use without permission from DreemPort.

For more info - feel free to grab a TESTER ROLE in the DREEMPORT DISCORD SERVER. Ask as much as you like!


I love this, inkwell is one of my top favorite communities so I will be jumping on this, I just need to put a reminder to remember.

It's one of our favorites too! :) Glad that you will be joining in @khaleesii !!!

Thank you.

I just love this! #Theinkwell is a community that i have fallen in love with immediately i joined them.

Yunno the beauty about dreemport challenges is that you get to have so much fun while participating.

I can't wait to see my fellow storytellers bring on their best on this one😊

Right? There are a lot of people who are writing but never had the courage to join a community FOR writers. They are intimidated - but this is a way that Dreemers can jump in for DreemPort Challenge - and then.... hey look at that! You're IN another community too - and you did great!!!

then - hopefully they stay connected to all the communities we introduce and feature. We think it's an easy way to get a taste of different communities, and just "trying them out"!!

Thanks for the support always @doziekash!

"Thanks for the support always @doziekash!"

It's always fun hanging out with #dreemport.

This is a great initiative, There Are So many communities that we never knew existed, with this #dreemport will be bringing several communities known to dreemer.

What a way to start the new year! 2022 is looking bright already.

Hmmmm I didnt step into ink well by now because of my english. After all still difficult to read longer fictional textes
BUT 😄 maybe the time to do this is now aa you say dear dreemy

yessssssss my beebie!!! its the perfect time!

and you do WONDERFULLY with English! You will find that there are lovely people there who are SO accommodating in @theinkwell! hehehehe @jayna is one of the kindest, most encouraging people I know!

You'll do fabulously! :) come come come, my sweeeeeet beeeebie hehe

Yes!!! Now, this is FABULOUS 😍Looking forward to it ... this will be so much fun, both as a writer and curator.

hehehe it's really going to be a fun one for me too! I'm almost tempted to join in! hahahahaha

maybe I will - with my anonymous account? hahahahahahah

Really? You'd risk it? hehe

hahahahahahahaha right???? now with everyone watching??

I better wait for later??? hahahahaha

You definitely should.

hahahaha noted! LOL

It sounds great. I have never used inkwell community tag before but I have joined and hope to post through that community. Nice to see dreemport support this free write community and bringing more eyes to great contents. I hope to show my support and learn from others ás well. Well done dreemport for reaching out to others, always

It's a truly incredible place to write! they are so supportive and so engaging!!!! It really is a match made in heaven for us this month heheheehe

Good to know. I will post from there later today. How have you been ma'am?

It is good as I'm a fan of the inkwell Community. It would have been better if we write the same prompt from Monday to Friday as the #dreemport challenge instead of writing it once and drop on Thursday.
What do you think ma'am....? at least we can write several stories from the same prompt word.

I am not sure if @theinkwell has a limit on how many times their prompt is used! hahaha That's something that we can ask @jayna :)

but if they are ok with the prompt being used multiple times in the week - You can drop it as often as you like as your daily submission in DreemPort :)

just like normal! hehehe

But the Challenge where we will be rewarding people from The Ink Well will be submitted on Thursday and ranked/rated on Friday. That way - we have a definite top 5 from the challenge there!

So I would save your BEST entry for Thursday's submission if @jayna says that you're allowed more than one submission per week for their prompt :)

One is allowed to write more than once in same prompt word, but one can only present one. I do write more than one using the prompt word. The topic might look different, but the content must be in line with the prompt.

well if The Ink Well allows it - then sounds fine to me! :)

But just remember that Thursday is the day for the DreemPort official challenge where it will be ranked and rated on Friday :)

so i'd save your best one to submit in Thursday hehehee

Alright ma'am...

This is a wow collabo, #theinkwell and #dreemport, you never can imagine it.

For this, we move. Let the prompt come in already.

hehehehehe let us see what MrEnglish brings to delight us?!?!?! :)

I'm so excited 🙌 This is a challenge which I look forward to each week - and now it's just gotten even better ❤️

hehehehe yes!!! I'm telling you - I just might have to jump in !!! I won't enter the DreemPort challenge with my post - but I think I might have to get my creative juices flowing for InkWell LOL

I've been looking to get back to fiction writing. This couldn't have come at a better time. I'm in

WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to see you jumping in there @b0s!!!!!! :)

Can't wait to jump in :)

This is beautiful for a new year. I want to ask "how do we specify it's Dreemport Challenge post?" I mean, making our post known to others that it's for Dreemport Challenge in conjunction with Ink Well's community.

Oh - you can just write at the bottom of the post that it's for DreemPort Challenge too :)

and of course - you'll be submitting it INTO DreemPort on Thursday! hehehehe

can also use the #dreemportchallenge tag! :)

Great then! Thank you ma 😊

Guess, I'll need a new banner 😁

hehehehe love to see your creativity Sir Khoola!!! :)

Honestly speaking inkwell community is the one I am loving since I came to know about it. However, I realized I need to struggle hard for being a writer of its standard. But I am sure we have many fabulous writers in dreemport who would make their amazing attempts to outshine in the community.

Good luck every one.

Wishing you a brilliant start of the year @dreemport ❤❤

hehehe no no no - you are ALREADY at that standard, my perfectionist Amber. hehehe

just let it flow, my lady. Let it flow and dazzle us all please :)

Lol. You are love, my Tiger ❤❤

Wow, two of my favorite things on this platform coming together.

The happiest marriage, right??? hehehehe

can't wait to see all the babies being born in January from our lovely union hahahahahah

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Do I need to do it again?

If know I will! 🥰

Thank you for your support @dreemsteem, much appreciated!

always!!! if there is something else i need to do - please tell me! hehehe

OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH i just realized that you were talking on my @dreemport account HAHAHAHAHA

so i need to go there and use my dreemport account to support the proposal too!! :)

will do that! hahaha no wonder why i was confused LOL I forgot I was writing here LOL

Don't know how I missed this @dreemport post! I just saw it in @theinkwell's weekly contest post. Too late for this week, but I'll be sure to dive right in next week.

I've long been a fan (member) of @theinkwell and a LONG TIME fan of @jayna - and a new recruit to the @dreemport curation project - so this is very exciting for me!

Yay! Sounds like fun!