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So I just stumbled upon a new strategy for creating content in a pinch. Lately, I've been really focused on being a Hive blockchain power-user and posting every day at a high volume. I'm talking posting, commenting, sharing posts on social media, the whole game...

And until this point, my main strategy was to just use a ton of apps. I focus on d.buzz, actifit, liketu, and I have templates that I post from for PeakD.

But if you're a follower of mine you know I love the hive-engine and I think its the greatest thing since sliced bread. I emphasized hive engine usage in my "Hive Guide for Wax Users Collection" And I'm going to lean on the hive engine again here.

Sometimes as a power-user it gets hard to create content. Sometimes I have days where I just don't have a day where I can post to the apps that I use in the way that I would like to. Then I went to my hive-engine wallet and had the bright idea to look at my hive-engine wallet with the mindset of "content first"!

I felt like I didn't really have any d.buzz or liketu content today, and my watch has been dead so I'm not gonna have the steps I need for an actifit post. But When I went to my hive-engine wallet, I thought about all sorts of content I can posts. Boxing content for #sportstalk, my approach to my NFT project on #oneup or #hustler, I've been watching this hilarious show called "Southside" that has really good crypto jokes I can post about one #cine, or this cool new strategy I'm using make content out of everyday things that I'm into on #ctp or #proofofbrain.

It was just a matter of picking a front end to create content on and getting the content made.

And just like different apps have their perks of posting from those apps, different tribal frontends have their perks as well. It's gonna be interesting to see what kind of benefits I get on posts as I address different content on the blockchain.

I'm looking forward to having a lot of fun with this as time goes on and this is another tool in my toolbox of strategies I can use to build my account over time.

May not be a groundbreaking tip to everyone but I hope this is something that has helped someone out!

Just go to your hive-engine wallet, let the tokens topics inspire you, pick a front end and get to posting in all kinds of topics!




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Hive Engine sure is a great source for inspiration.

You can even get down the rabbit hole of tokenomics and finding the "best" front ends to use.

Yeah I like all the different subjects and genres. It makes hive a lot of fun. And the tipping tokes!


Well I think it was what I was hoping to see as I scrolled through today. I just keep putting off getting into content creation. Because I want to be a content creator. But seeing this today I know I can't keep on avoiding what needs to happen. I'm just going to get to it. And make it happen. Thanks for the post. @nanco22

Yeah I’m just diving in on any topic and addressing the first hung that comes to mind when I hunt for content in the hive engine.

And posting from those other front ends have their own set of perks. I think it’s worth it to un-niche and share on different topics.


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