Mealworms Breeding Like Crazy.

Hey everyone. Who would have thought that bugs make a lowly oak like me excited, but alas they do. The last week or two such sublime progress in that we finally managed to breed trillions of little worms which are now growing really nicely but only the traditional meal worm which is easy to breed but the larger super worms too. How exciting.


The plan or goal by end of December is to have bred enough to make a few worm burgers yes you heard me right (to test their viability) as a sustainable tasty food source) taste, general sentiment etc but also to have sold a few bags of fras (worm sh1t fertilizer) once we have successfully done that, we have a business right??


We now have 36 trays of worms fras eggs etc and breeding and growing by the week let's see how this pans put but I am sure that by next year this time we will have a thriving business.



Nature the incredible.

I trust you have a wonderful Week.
Love, light and blessings.