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What do you do with old furniture? Just throw it away? And I try to give it the 2nd life🌟

Here is our old old chair, and as you can see it doesn't feel good...:(

But we have a proverb: "An old friend is better than two new friends", and in this case this old chair is dear to our hearts because it was made by my hubby 5 years ago, and it was his first handmade chair, so we decided to give him a new chance for life.

Now I'll show how we were making a rebith process;)

We ordered a velvet cloth + some foam rubber = about 25$ in total + about 2-3 hours of our family work that was fun for me, my hubby and my son;)

It's so cool to make something together, especially when it is really useful, interesting and new for all of you. We didn't have much experience in it, we just knew in theory how it must be, and all the rest was our inspiration😊





and here is the result! 🌟
I think it is not bad and much better than it was before;)
Now we can use it again and be proud of our family work;)



pretty amazing refurb. The first pictures look like something I would be a little afraid to sit on :)

"An old friend is better than two new friends"

I love this statement and it's so true.

oh is short, but long at the same time, and it's better to save people who were with us for many years
do you have many friends whom you can call "real ones"?

I have just a few that I can put in that category. Maybe 20 or so that I know would do anything to help me and me them as well. I think that is enough.

Amazing work. Literally gave it a new life. Looks so beautiful now

thsnk you😜

ooh nice job! 😊 much more comfortable now! hehe


and much prettier😂

Lol yes 😆