STEMsocial Distilled #16

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Distilled! Ready to go!

Despite the trending happenings of this extraordinary season, our authors did not knock down to share with us some of their intriguing articles which have been now not distinct from what they have been publishing for us.

Statistics as of last week revealed the true numbers of great writers that enticed the STEMsocial community with their engaging topics, and we are glad to declare openly that the team stands with you all as you continue engaging with us!

Please know that not seeing your name on our top list does not mean that your article was not worthy. Never!! Just be aware that you are a great asset the ideals we believe in.

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Before moving on with the three best posts that have been selected (by @jsalvage) from all the posts found by our curators last week, here are the most supported ones:

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Our top choices

X-Ray/Structuring the electromagnetic spectrum

In this opportunity we will analyze in a general way to the recognized X-rays, and the same as the ultraviolet and infrared are invisible to our natural optical systems (eyes), nevertheless, this type of electromagnetic radiation has great utility between the human beings above all in the area of the medicine and consequently in the care of our health in spite of the fact that the same ones belong to the family of ionizing radiations, this aspect we will continue extending it later.

Bocashi-type organic substrates and seedling production of Capsicum annuum

For any agricultural sector, the production of healthy and vigorous seedlings is the most important technical aspect to consider, hence, the type of substrate for the vegetative mass of commercial seedlings, in addition to the nutritional quality, must have good moisture retention, and its structure must allow an adequate removal of the tray, without losing consistency so that the seedlings are not mistreated during the phase of transplantation to the final field.

APPLIED CHEMISTRY// Nyos the Killer Lake

In this particular, we will focus on studying the transformations and interactions of matter. Making a tour of the units of concentration used and the effect of pressure and temperature on some systems in solution.


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If after a long time, seeing the previous distillate caused me a gratifying sensation, finding my place among those selected from the current distillate, generates a lot of satisfaction. Thank you #STEMsocial team, for not dropping this important project of academic relevance, cordial greetings.

You deserve much more recognition than we can give =)

First of all, we would like to thank the team at @stemsocial for the unconditional support they have given us throughout our stay at the block chain. Seeing the names of these characters @lupafilotaxia and @rbalzan79 next to mine @madridbg, fills me with gratification, because I know that they are people dedicated to teaching and that they contribute scientific and academic quality content to the platform. Greetings

Passion should always be rewarded! Glad to see you up there =)

I am very proud of you guys @lupafilotaxia @madridbg and @rbalzan79

have been great representatives of the Hispanic scientific community and now contribute their wonderful writings to the English community.


Thank you @carloserp-2000 for such rewarding words, no doubt your support through @stemsocial and @stem-espanol motivates us to continue working and socializing scientific quality contents with practical contributions. Greetings

Grateful dear friend @carloserp2000 with your sincere words, thanks to your support as stem-espanol manager is that we have been able to contribute our contents to the Hive platform, this motivates us to continue with our work. Thank you, brother.

Welcome back!!!

Thanks! We never left though. Merely on pause due to schedule clashing (Which still exists unfortuntely)

Good to read the STEMsocial Distilled again. And my Congratulations friends @lupafilotaxia @madridbg and @rbalzan79.

Excellent work now bringing your knowledge to the English speaking community.

My most sincere thanks to the wonderful community of @STEMsocial for giving us so much and allowing us to bring scientific knowledge to the whole platform of Hive, it is really an honor to be part of this distillate and also accompanied by two great professionals as @lupafilotaxia and @madridbg.

This commits us to continue with our work and raise the name of the wonderful STEMsocial community.
A cordial and fraternal greeting friends.