CRUDE COMFORT | Love is familiar and comfortable

in GEMS2 years ago (edited)


There was a sweet comfort that warms up to the heart as well.

But your comfort is so crude that sometimes I feel sad.

I'm tired.

In other words, you lead my hand and take me to a restaurant that tastes good.

And I forcibly hold a spoon in my hand that I don't want to eat, and I force myself to eat it

The food here is good

Eating delicious food like this when it's hard

It was a great comfort. Don't starve because your mouth is bad

Come on, try it.

You have to eat to overcome difficult times

Like a child who is complaining about meals and feeds it gently, like a caring dad, you force me to eat me because I don't want to eat

I put a sweet cake in a cup of coffee rather than a clunky consolation as you hold my hand

It's very hard

What should I do because our love is so hard

Is the heart hoping to convey such sweet words of comfort is greed?

When I don't receive the comfort I want, it feels like my sadness goes towards you

So over time

When our love keeps going

You and I were getting used to each other

When thy clunky lovely views over the surface and, unlike long time by the time begin to feel in your heart is intact cheesecloth over that worry me and think like a soup stock that adequately lug If you are gone, I should not


I realized that I was a person with great luck holding on to a precious relationship that I would easily miss.