It’s a long night

in GEMS2 years ago


It’s a long dark night to me. I am feeling bad with my badly headache. I can close my eyes though I need to do it.

It’s the long night I have ever feel in my whole life. I Don't have dream into my eyes. I can’t sleep even. I am lonely on my bed. I can see the moon , a blood red moon from my windo. It’s moving slowly. It’s smiling watching me. It’s the symbol of beauty.

The most important theme of life is enjoyment. The most important part of life is life. It’s race, how we will enjoy life. It bother on our real life.


I am thinking, I am thinking about my life, I am thinking to my future Plan. But, I didn’t find success. Success is a very hadly be seen word into my life.

The plus and minas of my life, The algorithm of my life is not easy to explain. Sometime I think if I were a writer!!! I wish I were, then I could write fown all and every moment into my note book. May be my book would be famous once. May be, we all would have such dreams into our mind.May be I am wrong, may be what I am writing at this moment is just a fake and foul writing. May be nothing is true, may be everything is true like the sky. 😍