Genius Father

in GEMS2 years ago


Hey father, why it is called that an wise man never die??? But, I know that everyone in this world must die.

The old man laughed at his cute child and replayed It’s wise which will make you immortal through humans heart.

He added It’s wise which will make you the mose richest person in this world too. No one can live thousands of year, everyone must die wich is true but, knowledge will make you immortal with it’s power and it’s policy.

After listing his father the child said what is immortal father?? I mean , immortal in the heart!! Is it magical power?? Is it a power by which man can be more delicious in love and more Power??


The old man laughed at the second time and again replied no my son. It’s love. If you can touch Someone's heart no need to be powerful to be immortal. His love to you will make you immortal.

This is the policy of child making. In this way a child can be polite, in this way a child can be more influence. In this way a child can be more gentle. The guide line is very much needed for our society at this moment. I am seeing hardly such father who is teaching his child about life and human love.


The way we are educated in our childhood, that impacts our whole life. We can learn more when we grow up. What we learn as a kid, that is the foundation. If we raise a kid and teach him/her what is right and how to be a person, he will contribute to our society as well as the country.

Thank you for your compliment bro. At this time it’s rare that our kids are Being tought on real life. Now, everything is virtual and nothing is natural even our lessons are not too.