Blue Water

in GEMS3 years ago


"Cox bazar "The largest sea beach in the world. Last couple of days ago whenever I visited there, it looks like the best Heaven I am visiting. It was such a Great place for me.

The water of the Ocean was full blue. It was looking like a blue water despitert to me. I can see the whole water was moving, I can see the movement of ourr ship on the water.

The blue water was my dream, the blue wTer was my wish. The blue water is everything for me. I will be the most powerful man of the Ocean I can feel.


There were some corals. Some sea food markets I sw there. They have been temporarily made their market. What a lovely place it was. I felt dreamy whenever I stayed there.

The blue water is nothing to forget about, It was one of the best tour ever . We had a lot of pictures, we had a lot of fun, we had a lot of videos. I have announced that we will have some good quality videos After finishing my tpur and hopefully we will do it. I think we can fo it Because, there is nothing to lose for our mind right now, we are able to make fun, for our friends, family and for others.