Introduce myself in hive platform journey.

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Hello all friends of the
Gems-Community I hope all of you are healthy at the juncture of this Covid-19 epidemic. Today is Thursday 20th may I am going to post my identity in the Gems- Community Introducing Yourself to this achievement on my first participation platform.

First of all I would like to thank all the courtesies of this Steemit platform who have created a fancy platform. However, I would like to thank the Gems-Community from the bottom of my heart for participating in this community with the mindset of working fully on this platform. I am very hopeful that I will be able to do the full work of this community with your cooperation.

I will share the full details of my life from beginning to end in this post. I hope you will read this post from beginning to end.

I got some idea about this platform in early 2021 and got the full idea from my younger brother @adriyewalker who has been working on this platform for a long time under the inspiration of @appreciator

@adriyelwalker has told me all the benefits of working on this platform. It is possible to make a lot of money by working here and everything creative inside can be shared on this platform

"Introduce Yourself"

My name is Alamgir Hossen. I live in dhaka Bangladesh. I have completed BSc Masters in Psychology from Dhaka University in 2017. My family is middle class. My father is not alive. My mother and I, brother, together we have a small family.

I have a small family. Even though I knew about this platform, my interest in working here has increased with the words of @darkclown, my younger brother. I learned about this platform that many people from all over the world share their experiences on the platform so I am interested to work here.

It's a platform where people from all over the world come together and try to come up with something new with their experience and their own intelligence so I also came here through that effort so that I can share my intelligence and experience here.

I especially thank my younger brother @adriyelwalker for coming here and for encouraging me to work on this platform. He gave me a very good idea about this platform. I really feel very good to be able to participate in this platform.

However, I would especially like to request everyone to take a look at my introduce post and I would be grateful if all of you would leave me an encouraging comment.

"My Hobby"





All people have an instinct. Many people can have many hobbies. My hobby is tending the garden. I have a flower garden in my roof garden. I made this garden with my own hands. I am sharing some pictures of my roof garden.
Besides, some of my hobbies include visiting new places of interest and taking pictures of flowers and exploring new flowering plants. I go to different nurseries and bring flower seedlings.
Thanks for watching and spacial thanks for @s4s @mbp @appreciator @tepu


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