TREES - Art with a cause .

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Trees are one of the reasons why we are alive , the air we breathe near a tree is so different than that of a commercial estate.
Recently, I went on a mini vacation, and the view from my room looked something like this !

This made me realise that what will happen one day when the commercial estate will cut down all trees for their residential use or industrial use !?
We know the problem of deforestation is really fast growing despite of the awareness.
So with this thought, i just wanted to make a healthy tree on a gloomy day !

The process :

The problem is real , the solution is still finding its way , if each one of us join together , we can change the world !

Each person matters just like every drop counts to fill a bucket of water !
What do you think ?
Tell me your views on the same !

All the content is mine unless otherwise stated.
All the images are from my IPhone unless otherwise stated.



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Love the simple yet healthy tree you made! There are really lesser trees in the city nowadays. I hope people with authority can think about trees too when they do urban planning.

Yes future planning is much needed now !

Your painting is great. I am a nature lover and I am very happy to know that others are also interested in it.

Thank you !
I just love nature, specially flowers .

I like it, very nice)

Thank you !

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