FESTIVAL - Come and enjoy a festival via my blog!

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There are lot of festivals celebrated round the world ! Every culture is unique and every culture has it’s own speciality .
One such festival is Diwali !

Diwali is a festival of lights , diyas and colors !
On this auspicious day , lord and lordess are worshiped and crackers are burnt .
Everyone awaits the festival and celebrate it with full joy and happiness!
On this festival , people make beautiful Rangoli’s to attract wealth and prosperity in their house .
They light up their house with lightings and diya’s (earthen clay pots) , it is also signified by people wearing new clothes on that day.


So , Diwali is celebrated as according to Hindu mythology the ancient legend Lord Rama who had a struggled life for 14 long years . Diwali is a celebration of Lord Rama’s eventual defeat of the evil spirit Ravana (which also signifies hate , evil , anger , greed)
So it is believed that Diwali celebrates the defeat of evil.


It is believes that two days before Diwali, it is auspicious to purchase silver , gold , metallic kitchen equipments or extravagant kitchen appliances as per your convenience, it brings good luck in the house .

It is also believed that making Rangoli ( painting on ground with real colour powders) attracts wealth and prosperity.

DECOR: One of my personal favourites!

So, everyone tends to decorate there house as per their wish . Being in a creative field , i tried my hands on something different .
I made this decor piece, which involved a trendy look with traditional touch. I took a wooden box and painted that after priming, similarly did that with the vessel and using quilting and some random decor concept, i made this !



I also made these water candles , where i took some glass crockery and filled it with water .
After that i mixed yellow and red watercolour in it and then poured cooking oil in it .
Finally inserted a wick and sprinkled some glitter on it .
Even i was amazed with the results , what is your opinion on the same ?
Did you like it ?



Basically Rangoli is a type of painting done through colour powders or flowers or whatever you wish to .
I made three rangolis :


So i made this rangoli at the entrance of the house , using color powders of different colour.
I used pink , red , yellow , green and white mainly . Using my favourite lotus motif , i went with a subtle yet classy look .
The centre diya and mud painting which you see is a traditional thing which my mother does every year .



I made 2 rangolis inside my house , one was a corner one and the other was above a desk , these were created using natural flowers such as marigold (yellow, orange) roses and pan leaves .


The entrance rangoli was complemented with a water tumbler decor , so for that , the utensil was filled with water and some flowers were floated and lot of glitter was mixed to it .
Trust me it looked so peaceful!



Moving to my outfit which i designed myself .
It is a subtle yellow kurta which has intricate glittered lines and is checked patterned .
The fabric felt amazing and comfortable.
The picture of the same is attached below !


All photos are clicked by my iPhone !
Also every decor stated above is done by me!

Also a big THANK YOU for all your support and love that this platform has showered on me!



A beautiful religious tradition, full of tradition and meaning... Excellent post, with very good photos and written in an eloquent and fluent way.

!discovery 25

Thanks 😊 Greetings !

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Loved your post brother. The decor, the rangoli, and painting all were beautifully done.

This post should get some more love and support.

Thank you brother!

Loved the decorations. Great work.✨

Thank you 😊

Beautiful, just beautiful. I love how you make exquisite design for everything. You dress is also beautifully designed. I came to know about Diwali on hive and I didn't know what it was about but your post is very detailed and I can say I know about Diwali now. I love India festival it is always so colourful and colours make the world look brighter. I hope you enjoy yourself during the festival.

Yes ! I enjoyed a lot too , and it always makes me happy when it comes to festivals , especially Diwali !