Fun Day At Chatswood Food Trail - Sydney

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Hi Everyone,

Chatswood located on the lower North Shore of Sydney has started a food trail from mid September in preparation for the school holidays. I took the kids for a quick spin on Monday to see what it is all about. At designated times, there were cooking demonstrations, kids play activities which you need to book online and the best part of it is you can go on a treasure hunt.

You would need to go around the centre and outside to find the special keywords from the clues given on the treasure hunt sheet. The kids were very keen to try and being me, I was pretty lazy hoping for a quick lunch and go home. Funny BB E said, "Mum let's have some fun!" So I was stuck and by the end of it, we had the best time. We didn't take long to find all the clues as I know Chatswood pretty well so we finished it smoothly.

The best part is at every checkpoint, there would be a nice setup for you to take some pictures, great for those Instagram moments! All of these cute set ups were a great hit amongst family with the noodles having the greatest creativity. The noodle box is upside down and those noodles will be dangling from the top, clever design.

By the time we finished to redeem our prizes, the guy said they ran out of prizes but they have some nice Lindt chocolate instead which our boys happily accepted. They rather chocolate than a pen or keyring as we have plenty at home. Let the school holiday begin!

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Looks fun there 😉😉

For sure despite that you both tired, you enjoyed it. I enjoy the pictures, truly instagrammable!!