The little things count!

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Often we are lured into the madness called daily life

We are rushed to get to work, rushed to get the children to school, sometimes maybe even without having time to ask how one slept last night.
All because we are constantly pushing ourselves to do more every day. At least, many of us are. I sometimes ask myself why I'm grumpy after I just woke up and can't be bothered to have a simple chat without feeling grumpy because I didn't have 10 minutes to "land' yet. I admit that I secretly enjoy my daughter being a sleepyhead currently because that gives me the time to wake up before she does and therefore I'm already long past that moment of grumpyness. But I know in just weeks' time, things will change and school will be a thing, so I better make some changes slowly, to get used to them!

Meanwhile, I do enjoy the little things

Even though we've been inside more during the past weeks than we have been in the first month here thanks to the heat, we try to make the most out of our evenings and just stay inside safely while the heat is on. This heat shall pass, and I will just take it slow while it lasts. There's plenty of stuff to do inside anyway, but I just can't get things organized as I'm still not used to the furniture we have here (read: closets, cabinets, storage space, and mostly lack of storage boxes lol). I try not to make it too hard on myself and take things by the day. I'm not going to punish myself for not getting things done, instead, I'm mostly celebrating the fact that we managed to get from Hungary to Spain before the summer arrived.

We must not forget: every day is a celebration

Although I surely don't feel like celebrating every day, I try to remind myself every day that we came from far and we did it all on our own strength, which makes me proud. Yes, I take pride in that. I tried looking at opportunities instead of accepting no's and closed doors. I kept envisioning what I wanted for us and remained focused. Yes, it was exhausting (and still is) but it's worth every minute if I look at the results. Every stupid thing that is now still delayed thanks to other people's laziness or incompetence (or simply because they don't care to hurry) is just a tiny little hurdle compared to the ones we already overcame in the past years.

Therefore, when we feel like it, we have a little snack at night, like this simple cheeseboard with some delicious mustard. Simple, but delicious! The pictures were taken during our first two weeks in Spain, as you can see, the one with the great view!

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I always love cheese with mustard, but to enjoy that with such a view is definitely even better!

I'm enjoy being parked in front of my air conditioner at this moment.

I bet, I'm staying inside mostly until the sunsets these days.. Thankfully I discovered that Thursday and Friday will be better days with "just" 29 degrees and just 69%^humidity! So I will try to enjoy these to the max hehe.

Meanwhile, you enjoy that air conditioner!!!


Oh no, don't put pictures of cheese n front of me!

Haha, oops, I did it!


There! You did it!


Good food and a beautiful view, doesn't get better then that :)

But i draw the line on mustard lol :P


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Hahhahahaha another one that doesn't like cheese with mustard. We (Dutch people) don't know better. I have to add though, that the mustard is for the "Dutch" cheese and not the Brie :)

It's a good combination, as well on bread with mustard!


Cheesus christ... I couldn't live without good cheese.


Currently I've got some nutty maasdam in my fridge which I can eat by the handful.


I'm running short so gonna buy two more packs on the way to the allotment later today, and maybe some Bree & grapes to make a proper cheese board.

Did I hear someone mention CHEESE!?!?!?! lololol I'm so very happy you are able to get ahold of quality food and take some time to enjoy your journey!

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I don't think I've ever seen this before, cheese with mustard. Now this is something I HAVE to try.

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Oh yeah, I owe it to myself to try that too! Especially since I love both cheese and mustard).

You haven't? Oh that's truly so normal for a Dutchie. At parties they often pull out cheese and sausages and add mustard to the plate. But it has to be good mustard! I don't add mustard to the Brie btw, only the other "Dutch" cheese :)


Oh when you put it like that, then yes. We have plates with sausages or different meat cuts and mustard, you take a bite with mustard, then followed by some cheese and maybe some tomatoes or onions. But just cheese with mustard I didn't try. And of course, brie with mustard, that can't work, brie is too fine of a cheese to mix it with a stronger taste.

That would be a waste of the brie :D


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Great looking snake. I love good cheese with a glass of wine. Thanks for sharing.