A taste of home - Expensive but appreciated!

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Ever since we left our home country in 2016, I had cravings. Sometimes it was for "frikandellen" other times I wanted a particular brand of chocolate or "rookworst". Another big miss which I didn't even eat for years back in the Netherlands, but started craving when living abroad was "hagelslag". I guess it's true when they say, you don't know what you got till it's gone. Even though in Spain, frikandellen can be found in quite a few areas as many Dutch people live or spend their holidays there, it was not in Spain when I fulfilled my cravings. Nope, it was in Budapest! I discovered a fast food restaurant called "Belfrit" (Belgian Fries). I was over the moon, and at first, I thought the price was expensive but doable for a craving every now and then. That is until the price doubled during the pandemic and so we stopped eating them completely.

Back to Spain

Great, there must be a lot more Dutch food available, and this time I didn't wait until we lived here for years, nope, the first month I decided to check out some shops that have some Dutch groceries to order and it didn't take me long to find "A taste of home". Located in Barcelona, but delivers within 24 hours, so this sounded like an option. Granted, the prices are a bit high, some even TOO high imo but I decided to treat ourselves to some products that I had been craving for some years. I didn't tell my boyfriend what I paid for this order, haha. He found out when he picked up the 9kg package at the front door lol. I had a few things that I didn't consider, namely ordering some heavy items thanks to their glass packaging and fluid inside the can, I didn't even think about the package being so heavy (and much higher delivery fee). I ordered this when the 40 degrees was knocking on our doors and therefore they called me to say that ordering frozen stuff was not recommended, although usually it arrives in good condition, during a heat wave this is a recipe for disaster. And there went our frikandellen and bapoa. I mostly wanted the "broodjes bapao" because I didn't eat them in many years now, and now that I got reminded, I wanted them! Too bad, maybe in wintertime!

What's in this magical package then?

From left to right in the back: 2x completa coffee creamer as I haven't found this in any store (yet), hopefully I will soon though, next to that 2x REAL chocolate milk "chocomel" I mean, if you know, you know! Next to that: hagelslag (a big pack that will probably last at least until the end of the year that's how often we eat that haha, next to it "beschuitjes" as we love beschuit with hagelslag (best is with Dutch white bread but that will never arrive in good condition lol, so this is the next best thing). Then there's something I haven't tried ever, 2 packages of "eierkoekmix" I love these typical Dutch (I think at least) things that I can't even really describe. Never found these anywhere so when I discovered this to make them myself, I had to buy both.

Next row: "Aardappel anders" (potato different is the direct translation) which is great to make an oven dish with, I used to love this in Holland but I'm almost certain that when I eat it now, I'm like hmm I think I can prep something better. I had to try it though as it's been maybe 10 years since I ate that. Then we have 2 cans of "knakworsten" little 'party" sausages which every Dutch person knows, love them! They are already gone though because we wanted to let our daughter taste it and as expected, she loved them. That yellow thing next to it is "Aromat" something I love on top of vegetables, see the last picture. Although I found sauces close to the "Loempia sauce" (spring roll sauce), it was always a bit off still, therefore, I ordered one to my liking.

Front row: 2 "rookworsten" which every Dutch person knows very well probably, they were great but also didn't last for more than a few days, haha. The last one was ordered without me even investigating if they sell it here (it was a problem in Budapest, that's what probably made me click order lol) and this sugar is nice for several baking projects.

Was it worth the money?

No, not at all, but when my boyfriend told his friend about the shocking amount I paid for it, he arranged for him to make a package for me the next time I want some items from Holland and then I can probably get a lot more value for money, even when it comes from another side of Europe. Oh well, sometimes you just have to treat yourself, funny thing is that the "completa coffee creamer" is probably most enjoyed as we use it daily.

Did you ever order items from your home country (if living abroad) for way too much money just to fulfill your cravings? Tell me about it in a comment please haha.

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Nice variety of items. And yes, sometimes you have to satisfy your cravings even if it's a bit expensive. I've not needed to order items. However, a Hive friend sent me a luxury package last year from the Netherlands that included the sausage. It was delicious.

Thanks for sharing.


Yes, I agree, this is not a monthly thing of course. I have done so long without some of these items that it's luxury now. I will probably stick to our friend in the Netherlands the next time because I think shipping is not even that expensive compared to the 1 day delivery within Spain. But yet have to check it.

Rookworst is indeed VERY good, that's actually one of the few things that we always requested if one of our Dutch friends in Budapest was traveling home for a few days and within no time these 2 sausages were gone haha.

Thanks for stopping by!


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I feel almost the same way with a particular brand of creamy potato and egg salad. Lol! Bon appetite, @thisismylife

Haha, I really wonder if that sauce for the oven dish I now have 2 pots from is indeed just as good as I remember or maybe I've moved on from these easy-ready-to-use sauces mostly. We'll see. Egg salad can be delicious homemade but I get it, I remember eating salmon salad on my soft buns at school for a few years, it was divine! I didn't even like salmon at the time haha. I never tasted anything similar later in my life.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!

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Delicious post

When I go to visit my sister in Cyprus I am always instructed to bring a certain brand of teabag. One time I forgot to pack it 😳.

I didn't know you were a fellow Dutchy 😊
Coffee creamer? That is a special craving 🤣
I'm thinking of things that I would miss when I would be abroad for long time.

I think it would be bread since I have never found a nice bread in any other European country. Most are too hard and tasteless or even sweet.
Nothing beats a good 'tijgerbrood'.
And the standard 'stroopwafels' and 'drop' of course.

!HBIT It all looks delicious.

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I have not had this problem but we do have some sweets and chocolates from the US in shops here that are over priced to hell, must be all the government taxes i expect.
@thisismylife enjoy your food my friend you paid for it now so...🤣
Thanks for sharing on Listnerds😎

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We have to treat ourselves to the good things in life now and again.

Because this is such an awesome post, here is a BBH Tip for you. . Keep up the fantastic work

Even though I'm still in the same country, there are things that I miss eating that sometimes is not easy to find here. Well, you can find but it's not the same quality or that nostalgic flavor if that makes sense, like a good corn bread or certain cheeses, charcuterie and sweets. There are also things from the island that you can't find on the mainland so it's kind of even.

But what I miss the most is my parents' cooking 😋


A nice taste of home!

Not sure where you ordered although I have an Idea, but you can get it much cheaper if you don't order the fresh stuff with these guys https://www.foodstoreandaluz.nl/ they are great and probably a bit cheaper also the delivery fee. Just have a look

Oh my god they even have Dutch bread, wtf.. why didn't you mention this before :)

Gonna see what they have, I already saw some stuff out of stock so have to see if it's worth ordering now. But damn, I'd die for some soft buns and normal white bread!

Thanks <3


Dont get your hopes up unless you go to Nerja, they do normally not send fresh products, But still they don't ask a lot of money in comparison.

Alright that's a shame but still plenty other stuff I found already :) I don't think I will be doing a big order again like last time but some things like ontbijtkoek were out of stock there and I see it (indeed) much cheaper here :)


Your welcome , Been ordering with them for years and every two or three months they come over here due to all the Dutchies at NGA and then they bring the good stuff..... bread, cheese, kroketten and kaas soufles. But it is a real great couple that runs the shop, very nice and correct so if you see anything out of stock I can always ask them when it will be available. Well its bed time but hope they bring you the dutch goodies for a dutch price

Even better! They also deliver here but only on appointment and for a good price. I need to email them to ask them how that works as that means I can also get the fresh products probably :)

We'll see how that works tomorrow .. good night!

Nice post. I can totally understand. My family would toatlly miss most of the things you mentioned. Sometimes one needs satisfy cravings at all costs. Then the cravings go and hopefully things go back to normal.