Streetside Hustlin! My Office Is Anywhere I Park!

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What's happening my Hustlers! The awesome thing about van life and being a digital nomad is that I can make my office pretty much anywhere, even street side in a city neighborhood! Being that I pay for my kids' internet connection through Xfinity/Comcast, I get access to the xfinitywifi hotspots so pretty much any neighborhood in the city, using a VPN of course, I can get connected to the internet. If I can't connect to a hotspot, I can just turn my phone into my hotspot! If I am in a spot that I can pull out the solar panel, then even better! Free power!

Today I am hanging out near my sister's house because my parents are in town and waiting on them to come home so I decided to set up shop and get some work done.

Then my little niece decided to some and say hey and hang out in the van for a bit and asking me all kind of questions about living in a van, which I answered every single one honestly, lol, even the questions about my bathroom situation, lol.

Anyway, gotta get back to it, gotta go out and spread the word of the blockchain and do some other things, lol.

Anyway, until next time hustlers,

Be Cool, Be Real, and always Abide!

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That's a nice van

Thanks man! I love it. Almost 3 years now.

Love that van.


Thanks! I love it too. It’s been great so far.

This is something I need to start doing. Can't be stuck inside all day, I need to invest in a laptop. lol


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