Lunch Break By The River- Get Some Nature In Your Day

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What's happening, everyone? Well, I found out that the community center at my second favorite park in Eugene has community wifi! Boom! That means I can work without using up my hotspot data! This gives me and Chip the opportunity to get out and about on a riverside trail while I take a break from working.

Chip likes it down here. We don't get far fast with him these days. He likes to take his sweet time and sniff every freaking square inch of the place he can, lol. But hey, he sets the pace, so it must mean that I need to slow my roll sometimes.

I have been working a lot and learning even more lately with this new job. It's really a part-time kind of thing that I do on my own time, so I spread some of the work out through the day and bounce to some other things here and there to keep my brain fresh. Got off a call with Chainstack, they are a node company I am using to run the BSC node for @blocktunes. The rep reached out after looking at BlockTunes and wanted to know more about what we were doing! He likes the path we are heading, so I guess we are doing something right after all! I would rather get everything set and working properly before really putting it out to the world on a grand scale.

One thing I have been learning about with this new job is marketing because that's pretty much my job, so I am going to bring a lot of the skills I have learned from there to BlockTunes and @hivelist.

Anyway, I hope everyone has a great rest of their day! Now that I am refreshed, from the walk, it's time to get some food and back to work!

Be Cool, Be Real, and always Abide!

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I just got back from the creek myself. It was a great. They're was a baby alligator (around 4ft) hanging around showing out for us. My friend named it buttercup 🤷🤦🤣

You must be in Florida or Louisiana, 😂

Louisiana 🤣

Figured one or the other, I have lived in South Fl, and stayed for about 3 months in Slidell, LA while DJ'ing in NO, so I know all about the gators, lol.

I've spent lots of time down in NO at the smoothie king setting up concerts. (I'm up by Arkansas)

I've also traveled to FL also doing same thing. Spent almost a month in Tampa at the James T stadium setting up/working/taking down WWE also on did the Latin music awards in Miami. I didn't get to do much else while there. But one day I'd love to go back

Oh I know that life, lol. Did the stagehand/roadie thing for a long time, lol.

I didn't get to do it but a few years. I started in 2018 and had to stop this past year due to babysitting my grandson. (Well kinda..I can do local on certain days if needed..)
I worked for rhino staging. Bossier Crew.
I miss it sometimes but not the bullsh¡T lol I'm old and need sleep🤣 working 20 hrs resting maybe, driving to work another got a bit old🤦🤣 but I do miss the kids I worked with. Most were "misfits" but I guess I'm a misfit too anyways, I loved them.. (and they watched out for me too!)

(Apologies for the late reply, Micah was a handful today🤷🤦🤪

I saw 4 guys beating up 1 guy so i stopped to help.
He had no chance against all 5 of us.

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Why does Snoop Dogg carry around an umbrella.
Fo Drizzle.

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@thelogicaldude, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of @rachaeldwatson

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Getting some nature by your side is not bad

Just like you, I always love to be with the amazing heart of nature my dear friend. The place is so cool. Been a while that I have not been in a river. I wish to go too.

I don't get in the rivers much these days, they are cold where I am, but I love sitting and walking by them. The water is calming.

Congrats on the new job, I'm glad you have the space to make it your own. I took a hike recently on our river trail and they've been at work clearing out all the junk so that we now have a clear view of the river. It's cool down there, and I love the sound of the wind whistling through the trees. There's notheing like taking some time to commune with nature and returning rested and refreshed. Enjoy your day! :)

Gotta do it for the sanity for sure!