The Beast - Royal Enfield Bullet 350

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When it comes to choosing a motorbike, the first choice or the name that strike on your mouth is Bullet. Well that is how common it is, untill the person shifts their gear to other motor bike, after considering of other factor and their usage.

The name bullet is actually associated for motor bike made by Royal Enfiled . It has many varient or model number / name to classify each of thr model. Today I shared the picture of Royal Enfield Meteor 350. One of the beast on road. This bikes has comes up with 346CC one cylendrical engine, it weighs around 190 KG and fuel economy ranges from 30 -35 kmpl.

Bullet always hss a masculine look and weight much more than a normal motor bike on road. The ultimate usage of this kind is for all purpose however, long distances bikers and terrain / off road rider usually prefers this section of bike. Irrespective of less fuel economy bullet has always a top priority among bikers. Look out for any bike gang or team, they always have similar choice.

The reason it is people choice is because it is easy to ride. Due to heavy weight and well balanced alignment, you never feel any kind of difficulty or backache problems riding this bike. The more interesting thing about bullet is that these bikes can last long upto 30 years if properly maintained. If you own this bike then definatelly fall in love with it and make sure to take care of it regularly.

My nephew had this, and I managed to take following picture of this beast. Being so masculine look, it is not wrong to call it the the beast on road


Namaste @steemflow

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One of the best beasts in terrain and mountainous tracks. I saw several members of Royal Enfield group before, taking the challenge on some part of Nepal mountains. If Im not mistaken.

That sort of adventurous ride...always fun with heavy machine.

This motorbike is so cool with its special featured functions. Definitely, it is the best. Have safe driving my friend and a have a great day.

Fun to ride this and enjoyment beyond imagination

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