My First Medal

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Running was my first love; it was Five or Eight years ago when I started to run, I lost count hehe. I'm very thankful that my sister influenced me to run. And supported me always.
That was last year of September, when my friend Jessil visit me in the Office to invite me to run for Cebu Marathon 2023, and I was like surprised and said YES, but deep inside I was hesitating myself because I’m getting older and not running like I used to be. So, I challenge myself to train hard and need to get back where my first true love is.
I’m very grateful to my friend Jessil, for pushing myself. I can’t finish the race without her, and now I’m proud and loud to say that I’m Half Marathon FINISHER. IT’S LIKE TOUGH LOVE.

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Congratulations, nothing like the pride of the first medal, enjoy it!

Yess!! Thank you so much

Congratulations 👏🎉

🥰 Thank you so much

Welcome 😁

Congratulations on your accomplishment!This is a very good physical exercise. I wish to have joined like this one. This is part of my healthgoals' lost this year!
But it's inspiring to have gained this medal. Congratulations once again!

Thank you so much! You can do it it’s all about mindset and run with friends 😊

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