Sunset Sunday with Liketu: photo collection Nr. 6

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Hi there my Hivean friends and followers!

It has been more than a month again since my last contribution to this photography series but I have managed to capture quite a lot of interesting sunset sceneries in the meantime and it´s my pleasure to finally share them with you today :)

In this part of the year, with the days getting shorter and shorter, the sunset time can be as early as around 4 P.M. here in the Czech Republic but that doesn´t prevent me from going on these sunset hunts whenever I can :)

As for the locations of the photos that you are about to see below, most of them are from various parts of the city of Prague but there are also some pictures that I clicked while staying at my mum´s place in rural Silesia on the other side of the country. I guess it won´t be too difficult for you to recognize those countryside shots as the ones taken in Prague usually feature some buildings ;)

Without further ado, let me now show you my sixth collection of photos compiled for my Sunset Sunday with Liketu photography series.























I hope you enjoyed the photos. I actually just edited the post through Hive.Blog to add some more shots since Liketu only allows to upload 10 photos max and I prepared 22 pictures for this post so to view the whole collection, please use some other frontend like Hive.Blog, PeakD or Ecency. Thanks ;)

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Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone and have a great start to the new week tomorrow!

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You can also check out this post on Liketu, a great photography-based platform built on Hive :)

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Dnešní den jako stvořený na fotku západu Slunce a opět si byl první na koho sem si vzpomněl ;)

yeaahh pleasure for my eyes!

this picture is my love
I always try to paint smth like this when I take brushes

and this one is what I always have in my phonescreen
so many thoughts and so many dreams looking at the road going somewhere far away...❤️

Thanks for your kind feedback, these two are among my favorites too ;) Both from the same evening, similar place...

I hope they are on your wall already?:) They are worth of it!;)❤️
looking and meditating...😍

Nooo, they are not so good ;)I have taken much better sunset shots than these. But thank you, very kind of you.

These absolutely gorgeous shots, man! I think I just got me a collection of sunset wallpapers. Never thought I’d like sunset photography that much until now.

Aww, you are too kind :) Thanks buddy. Oh and feel free to download any of these shots and use it as a wallpaper haha :D

Thanks man. My laptop will thank me for it, but you even more:)

Truly @phortun 😊😎 love them all. Such a great captures. The colours are stunning.
What a beautiful display Mother Nature gives us sometimes…
Thanks for sharing 👋🏻😊 happy new week, enjoy it!

Thank you very much for checking out the photos and leaving this nice comment, pleasure as always :) Happy week to you too!

You are so welcome, with pleasure @phortun 👋🏻😊😎
Thanks a lot, enjoy yours….

Wow friend your photos have impressive me, thank you keeping agood work.

Thanks, glad you enjoyed the collection :)

Welcome back 😂

Back from where? :)


All the photos are beautiful but this is marvelous! It's sunset and reflection as well. Maybe I should start collecting some sunset photos and post them when I have enough. Not a bad idea.

Yeah, sunsets and water reflections usually go very well together :) I like this combo too. Here is a shot that I used as the cover picture for the previous collection ;)


Looking forward to checking out your own sunset photography collection! One of the cool things about sunsets is that they occur all year round, unlike some other cool but seasonal things in nature ;)

That is beautiful, so thank you! Don't hold your breath as with the gloomy days, I don't know when I'll be able to capture enough to do a post :)

It's a very stunning sunset light,This is one of my favorite light ever.

Thanks man! Glad that you enjoyed the collection :)

Breathtaking views. Even in extreme winters the earliest sunset we get is around 5:30 pm

Thanks for stopping by man :) Well, here, the sunset gets to as early as some 3 P.M. around the winter solstice... Crazy, I know :D :(

Pecka! jako ostatně vždy :)

Ale to jsou k nám hosti... Dík! ;)

What a beautiful sight to see after a busy day. Your photos are lovely.🥰 Thanks to this, I was able to see another sunset from another part of the world.

Now in the Philippines, the sun sets at 5.

Thanks for your kind comment! I was happy to take you on this little sunset tour around my country hehe :)

Impressive! The opening music of the night.🤩❤️

Poetically said, I love it! :)

Right, I remember your beautiful goldenhour photography series :) It is also one of the best moments in a day for me.

I think I should share my posts which are photography-weighted on Liketu as well; however, I have heard that there are some issues while sharing a post.

I have heard that too, people complaining about the Liketu user experience but I usually have no problems with posting through that platform. I always edit the posts in Hive.Blog anyway because I like to put the text where I want and not below the photos, which is the default setting in Liketu. And there is also the limit for just 10 photos. Other than that though, Liketu works fine for me :)

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This is very nice and colourful, thanks for sharing.

Thanks for checking out the pictures :)