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RE: [ENG/ESP] The Beauties of Santiago de Chile/Las Bellezas de Santiago de Chile

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I think you should promote your project more on both Hive and other decentralised social media platforms. When I saw that you just had 2 posts and the last one was from a year ago, I thought that the project was dead. By the way, you are just another hive fronted ss I understand it. Any unique features or benefits? Or just earn your coin (if you have one) as most other frontends work?


There is a time and place for that. A better working product takes precedence over hyped up nonsense.

To anybody with half a functioning brain, they would simply visit the actual site and see that it is anything but dead. In-fact, relative to the rest of hive, it is actually gaining popularity.

In terms of unique features and benefits - again, you can check out the actual website and see for yourself. But if that's too hard then here's two.

  • Photo-centric sorting and gallery viewing.
  • Gated content for subscriptions in a non-custodial way.

I was trying to help and provide some feedback and you choose to insult me? I suggest you come on and see how I react to insults. I'm Start and turned the platform in a fucking battlefield when a troll insulted my dead mother for absolutely no reason and one of the co founders defended him saying one of the most stupid and ridiculous arguments I've ever heard. Been calling them punks and bitches for months and have no intention to stop, although they posted 2 bullshit apologies. Where I come from respect is everything! Heck I will even promote your project there. Have 20.000 followers although my Bio said for a year "Don't follow me* 😄. Guess what people do when they read something like that. And never even bothered to use my skills. Have worked for 7 years as a SEO specialist in the past. I hope it's just a misunderstanding. I mean it.

The short answer is:

We will promote when we're at a point we think it is ready to be promoted.

There are glaring issues we intend to address as well as other noted pain points.

Thank you for your feedback.