No Wonder It's Kim [Introduction]

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Hello everyone!

I want to set the record straight with this one. So, this is my second account. You can follow my main account @ybanezkim26 to know me more and what I've been doing since I joined this space last September 2017. I have to be upfront that I created this account just for Liketu and other similar apps and front-ends that will pop up in the future.

Why can't I just use my main account? Well, I felt that that account has grown bigger than me. Do you know what I mean? I have set some standards for myself when using that account so for the sake of distinguishing the type of content, I made this account. I think you can say that this account is for my quirky and narcissistic side, while the main one is for formal and long-form content.

Long-form or short-form, both contents are valuable depending on the type of audience you're catering to. One does not compete to kill the other, that I believe. However, based on the videos that I watched on YouTube, short-form content already dominated the market and will continue to dominate in the future. It doesn't mean long-form contents will die because the monetary incentives still lie on the long-form ones. I just felt I missed out a lot and will continue to miss out if I won't join in the fun of both forms.

About me? You can head out to the pinned introduction post on my main account for more details 😛. One thing for sure is that I will be sharing more about myself and what I've been to. I will treat this space as my Instagram page since I haven't been so active on that platform since I joined Hive. If you're familiar with Appics, I have been active in that platform for a while, but I made a decision that I won't devote my time on any app that's not built on Hive. So, I can feel the massive potential of this platform that's why it's high time to join and make a name for myself even if it meant I will start from scratch.

As for the content I will be sharing, I want to leave an impression like you can really determine it's me and say "no wonder it's Kim", hence, the username. Thanks to @indayclara and the spirits who suggested this username.

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Welcome. I think it's fine to have another account for your short form content. That makes a lot of sense and it's good that it's cleared up from day one!

I think you'll find a different culture here than say at Appics. I won't go into intimate details (although I know a fair bit about their "progress") but I will say that everything here is in-house and self-funded.

I will also say that I agree with you that long or short doesn't actually matter. The impact it has -particularly the potential scope outside of HIVE- is what matters. Optics and lofty virtue signalling on ideals of value are lauded and for that you get a gold star. What brings results is what matters and what we care about.

As one of the founders, I am heavily invested into growing not just Liketu, but the value of Hive and that's why you will see me religiously attend to just about each and every post as long as I am awake. This matters to us and it starts at the very bottom, with me participating just like any of you, to the absolute best capacity that I can.

What does that mean?

It means I will build relationships with as many people here as possible. Interacting with almost every post (as you will find out), carefully and manually curating, never voting without leaving my thoughts.

I care about each and every person, and while that is not realistic if Liketu is ever to achieve a greater scale, the people who are there at the beginning will hopefully carry the positive energy I inject into the system each and every day.

I tried replying using the site, but I cant. I'm not sure if it's my phone, internet connection, or liketu itself. Anyway, I'm thrilled that you have noticed my post and take your time to comment. It shows a lot of commitment just to comment a few words so, having this comment in my post is a delight.

It took me a while to upload this post, but I recognize that there's still a lot to improve on the site and acknowledge that you have been doing your best to have them realized. As I observed from others' suggestions, you have taken each of them seriously so I won't be adding anymore. I'm just thrilled to see them deployed soon.

Rooting for the success of Liketu and of course, it's subsequent effect on Hive.

Pleasure to see you here. I'm genuinely looking forward to interacting with you more.

Thanks! I could say the same!

Sorry if I jump in here from the side but I tried to login to Liketu but somehow can't. Any suggestion what the issue might be? I tried with Keychain. Greets!

Did you click on keychain to allow access to the site?

Hi, finally I was able to login. See, good that you responded so fast 😄. Indeed I forgot to click the symbol in the extensions lol. Thanks and on my way to check Liketu out. Have a great day wherever you are!

Ikaw pala yan, so ganito pa rin ang post ko 🤣
Welcome po sa Hive.
Ako po ay taga Batangas.

Hahaha! Thanks for the welcome po! Ganon

 4 months ago  

You’re so sporty and your have a very good body shape for sure 🤩

I know that you have a wife, but are you secretly living a double life?

 4 months ago  

No! Bro, that’s not truth😱 my wife is going to kill me if she sees your message, even this is a rumour 😨

🙈 Thank you!

Welcome back!!!

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Hello po welcome to Hive ulit. Meron po ba kami ng ma expect na abs sa mga future content mo?

Yes! May pa abs si mayor pag maganda na katawan.

what a weird language

All languages are weird 😕

Hello @nowonderitskim! This is @traciyork from the @ocd (Original Content Decentralized) curation team. We noticed you shared your first post here on Hive and introduced yourself to the community - congratulations and welcome!

Speaking of community, we have many different ones here on the blockchain, devoted to all kinds of...

Oh wait, never mind - you already know what I'm going to say, since you wrote most of it to begin with... 😂 😂 😂

Nicely done with the new handle too - have fun, but don't make me nag you about anything. 😆

At least I now know how it feels to be visited by the lovesniper team. 😂

I'm you'll nag me in the future @traciyork, so I'll be expecting it. 🙈

I thought it was an imposter at first!!!

Would be interesting if someone will use my identity. 😂 Means I'm that famous.

I almost reported this account, I thought someone was usurping your identity. 😂 Now I follow you twice, I'm waiting for that side you mention hahaha. Welcome back bb.

What if someone uses my identity? 🤔 Would be awesome to see people's reactions.

Be prepared for my narcissistic side, bb!

Welcome to Hive Enjoy po kayo dito 😊

Don't even remember how the sea feels like eheheh