The part of Thames River not often seen

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All visitors to London in UK will have seen the Thames River, you can't really miss it so many of the landmarks are nearby it. However what many people don't know is that part of the Thames River in central London is just a very small part of the entire Thames which is nearly 350 km long!!

Once you venture out a little from central London, the view along the Thames changes drastically. I quite liked this section not far away from the famous Kew Garden. It has a sad feel to it. An abandoned working boat of some sort, the remaints of the pillars in the river bed which probably supported a pier or jetty in the past, and another small ship that even the vandalist didn't find interesting enough to make their mark. These were all signs that this area probably used to be a little bit more busier than it is now.

One landmark that is still being loved is the London Museum of Water and Steam and its stunning 200 meter tall tower. This Grade 1 listed structure was built around 1867 and can easily be seen if you're around the area. Sadly the tower isn't open to public, otherwise it would have been awesome to climb up there and see this part of London from high above.

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Has the water receded permanently or is it just with the tide?

It certainly has a spooky eerie feel, almost like abandoned as you say.

Good question...I think it's rescinded because if you look at the objects left behind in the river, they're pretty dry at the tope. They're buildilng new flats (what a surprise!!) a bit further on some maybe that part explains the water level as well

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Woww, through Hive, we all get to know and learn about so many new, unique, unknown, must see things. Thank you for sharing your part of the story too! 🙏😊

You're welcome. I find I've learnt so much about the rest of the world through other people's post on Hive, it's just amazing


Damn. I wish they'd at least remove those tires from there =/

Don't they dry out the Thames river once a year or every other in London? And then people jump in the canals and go treasure hunting in the mud. For like 24hrs or so? I think I saw sth like that on TV wishing I could join digging for treasures lol.