Gillette Corner, London

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The fascinating thing with London is that is has a vast amount of history and beautiful architecture can easily be found. Recently I came across this magnificent building, and was so taken back by it grandeur. Sadly it was cordoned off but I saw a security guard and had a great chat with him. Turns out this Grade II listed Art Deco building built in 1936 used to the Gillette factory and European headquarters. If you look carefully at the front entrance, you'll see the Gillette name there. It's now disused and is turned into a film studio. The security guy told me some Hollywood blockbusters were made here but I can't remember the names, and I think Amazon is currently making a film here, something about dystopia, so look out for that in future.

The reason I love speaking to locals and staff is the amount of local knowledge you pick up. One of the most iconic feature of Gillette Corner is the four face clock tower, a bit like a local Big Ben as you can see if from quite far away. The clock face is neon illuminated and the security guy said some years a go a bird flew into the neon clock face and damaged the clock .... not sure if the bird survived, I imagine not. Anyway, because this is a Grade II listed building, plus it's so iconic, the building owners have to repair it. The repair cost is estimated to be over £100 thousand!!!!

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Pardon my ignorance (and it is a huge piece of ignorance given I LIVE in London!) but is this the Gillette which makes razor blades for shaving? Is it still used today? I had no idea that it had this piece of history so thanks for informing us.

London never ceases to amaze people does it? This is at Brentford, which tbh isn't the most exciting of places so it's probably not that well known. And yes, it's the Gillette that makes the razor blades.

They closed down the factory, can't remember when, and it was originally sold off to be converted to some sort of hotel and business center. The security guy I spoke to said the owners even made up some mock hotel rooms inside and invited the bankers around, but the bankers didn't think it would work, so that was the end of it. Then they sold the building off to someone else who converted it to a film studio, and now they're making movies inside as it's a massive building as you can see from the outside.

So there you have it, another piece of London history for you.

btw, great to see a British born project on Hive!

Interesting history. Actually I think it makes for a pretty good movie set so it wasn't a complete waste in the end.

We'll have a meetup soon, hope to see you :)

Sound great, please let me know. I'm sure some others would love a meetup as well

There are a bunch of iconic buildings dotted around the UK. I've not seen this one in London actually. Nice find and thanks for a little history.

This one is outside of central London at Brentford, probably not the most exciting place, but it's amazing how random iconic buildings are spread around the capital. Glad you enjoyed reading about it

Not my part of London but I drove near here the other day - I never knew it was there. It's a beautiful building and reminds me of some others with similar architecture in London.

There are some amazing buildings in different parts of the city with some amazing architecture. I can see why it is listed.

It's a little hidden away from the A4, so unless you notice the clock tower it's very easy to miss it.

Seeking out these under rated buildings in London can be really fun sometimes

I think I will do a search for some too. Perhaps I will post some soon.