The sunset after my Covid self isolation

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It's crazy to think that often when I go away for holidays around the world, I actively seek out places to see the sunset, be it a hilltop, the top of a tall building, or just some random place facing the west. Yet, despite me coming from a sea side town in the west country in UK, in the past, I never took a proper look at the stunning sunset view right on my doorstop.

Having lived aboard for a few years, it wasn't until a couple of years ago when I came back home, did I spend a couple of late afternoons lingering around the seaside witnessing this beautiful phenomenon. Initially, I had a crappy phone, and no matter how hard I tried, the images I took were a far cry from reality, and nowhere did it any justice. Recently I got myself and new phone and have been honing in on my photography skills. There is still a lot to learn but I'm trying. The fact the object itself is stunning helps, and technique will take it to the next level. That will be my next step.

The most famous landmark in our little seaside town is the Grand Pier. Many seaside towns in UK have one, they are a feature from the Victorian days. Our first pier opened in 1904, and it suffered its first fire in 1930. In 2008 it was burned down again, I remember I was devasted when that happened as the pier holds a lot of loving childhood memories for me. I'm not a fan of this newest pier as it's too futuristic for me. Yet its 366 meter long promenade extending out to the sea creates such at magnificent view under the sunset.

A bit further along the coast towards south is the Brean Down peninsula, another famous landmark. This 2 km long peninsular is rich in wildlife, has extraordinary geological value and boost a fort built as part of our military defence strategy against the French in the late 19th century.

I noticed a new restaurant has opened up since I was last here. That's definitely a good sign as our town is heavily dependant on tourism. We took a big hit during Covid so it's great that new businesses are opening up. I got a feeling the view here is going to be spectacular, will definitely be dropping by some time.

The best thing about sunsets is that although it disappears very quick, you can always be guaranteed it will be back the next day. I just finished my Covid self isolation, and I couldn't ask for a better welcome back present.

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Great shots and great to see you are out of isolation. Is this the pier at Weston-Supermare? I seem to remember when the pier burned down there (not the first fire though lol).

Yeah, someone recognised by hometown!!! Weston Super Mud as some of my friends like to call it 😆

Nice pictures, how are you feeling about freedom from isolation 🙂

It's good to be out again, I was getting rather lazy staying indoors all the time

Staying indoors all the time makes one lazy, true lol.

Wow that’s really beautiful! It’s crazy sometimes the things we miss living life in ultra rapid, missing these beautiful things that are literally right in front of us. Glad to hear your out of your self isolation, a nice welcome back for sure .

This couple of years have definitely made me appreciate life more, such as family, friends and just things in general. Probably an awakening for everyone, so maybe one good thing that has come out of all this

Yea I agree, I think a lot of people have really gotten more in touch with themselves, who they are and what matters. I feel the same for sure and can’t wait till my whole family can gather together again.

Damn! What is the name of the mobile device you used take this pictures. They are really beautiful.

Thanks, I got a Samsung A42, am having fun trying to take better photos.

The sunset after being isolated would be an amazing welcome back to the world. The new phone seems to be working well. The photos are great! It's good that a new restaurant is coming to town.

Can't wait to go and try out the new restaurant, maybe will go next week for afternoon tea as dinner will be too dark and can't see anything

Yeah that's a good idea. You wouldn't want to waste that view

Fabulous photos!

I was in hospital last summer over covid related issues and ended up being more or less disabled for about 3 months. I guess it hits harder for some than others. But having survived, I have a renewed outlook on life and I value these kinds of settings more than before.

Thanks for sharing!

Shit! Three months really sucks, sounds serious, hope there is no long-term effect on you.

I think this whole saga has changed everyone in one way or other, not sure if that's a good thing or not to be honest.

By the way, just wondering, is there any plan to allow users to opt to post in different communities on Hive or are you going to stick with default to the Liketu community only?

We built liketu with cosmetic additions to images as well as interactions only available to people who post through, our plan is to currently the status quo which is to promote the use of

Of course you can always tag other communities if your post is relevant, but if you tagged liketu (hive-147010) then the post won't appear in and that's where we like posts to be.

Oh! I meant to post from but for the post to appear in another community on the Hive blockchain instead of hive-147010.

Oh ya you can post to other communities if you post through just by tagging them. That's OK!

How does that work? Do I just add the other community ID as a tag and it will override the default hive-147010?

Posting through makes the liketu community the first and default tag. You can then tag the other community ids through the interface and the post will also appear in other communities.

mmm.... is that treated as two separate posts on Hive, or a cross post from the liketu community to the other community?

Welcome back from your isolation. I am glad nature gave you a warm welcome with these amazing presents in the form of sunsets. I hope you do not get too upset about the futurist pier. I wish your old phone was able to do justice to the pictures of what the old pier looked like. That way, you would have been able to still live in those memories. Once again, welcome back.

Thanks, it's nice to get outdoors again, it was getting a bit too comfortable staying indoors all the time

You are welcome 🤗

So you have moved? I would love to live near the sea myself but it probably will never happen. Glad to hear that your isolation is over now.

I'm originally from the south west, living at Redhill was a temporary thing whilst I was selling my place which is completed now. You got your whole family young and old with you, so I imagine it will be very difficult for your to move away, unless you move lock stock and barrel with three generations!! Come over for holidays some time!!

What a gorgeous view! I know you’ll
have fun practicing and testing out your photography skills.

It’s good to hear that you are out and about again :)

It's certainly been fun experimenting and seeing some results, and learning from others on Hive

 4 months ago  

sounds we have got the same issue on taking photo, my wife always laugh at me for the images I have taken and always go "your pics suck", it's not about the phone but purely on my skill 😥

My wife's wedding dress shop in Shenzhen is getting a massive hit on the business as well lately, with the tighter rules again in mainland china, many wedding dinner / party is forced to cancel, so we need to refund the money to many customers, it's so sad😔

HK and China are still trying to eradicate COVID and trace the source for every known case which is really a waste of time and effort, not to mention kills businesses like your wife's

 4 months ago  

Hopefully her shop can got some business still, but don’t want to expect too much in this crazy period

Beautiful view 🌹

Covid! This is getting on nerves now..haha 😂 But I also so hope that we soon get totally free from it and live as we used to before that is with full freedom! 😊

In UK we're accepting that it's part of life and have to learn to live with it. The world will never be the same again but life is all about adapting and I'm sure we can do this!! 💪

Tourism has also taken a massive hit in Scotland, I live in a coastal town too, and it is good to see new restaurants opening.

That's great, hopefully things will pick up your end as well

Am sure it will, slowly but surely

Lovely sunset shots @livinguktaiwan is it WSM? The pointy bit of England is a great place to vist.

Yes it is @grindle🙂 and beyond that is Cardiff which can be seen on a good clear day

That pointy bit is Brean Down Fort, not urbex material for you as it's well managed by National Trust but very worth a day out if you're in this part of the world

thanks @livinguktaiwan have last year reclaimed my life and my ex has moved back home to Truro,( there is a god!!!) so have over the years spent quite sometime in mainly Cornwall.

That is a pretty modern looking building there. Congrats on being out of isolation now. Hopefully now that you have had it you can try to get some matter of normalcy in your day to day life. Beautiful shots!

Thanks, am enjoying going out for walks these few day, makes a nice change from being indoors.

I love chasing sunsets too.😍 Covid is really a pain in the ass for all of us. I wish it will end already. Anyways, Welcome back to the present world and enjoy your freedom from isolation. 😊

I'm glad you have been able to return to the outside after your isolation. I could sense your excitement and enjoyment of the beautiful sunset and nature.

The best thing about sunsets is that although it disappears very quick, you can always be guaranteed it will be back the next day.

I totally agree❤️ and that's the reason why I really love catching the sunset moments whenever I go

Great shots of sunset

Wow!!! beautiful

Lovely sunset, I'll probably head to the UK at some point too.

Amazing seaside sunset views. Seeing this I sometimes really wish we were also living closer to the sea 😅

The view is so calming!😍