Little photo tour around blooming Wawel Castle in Krakow🌷

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Hey guys,

I´m happy to cheer up your Friday with this special flowery post that I compiled with photos that I took at the Wawel Castle here in Krakow, Poland just a few days ago.

Spring is in full swing here already and there are many flowers blooming all over the city but right now, this is also the very special time when the famous magnolias are blossoming at the Wawel Castle. These magnificent evergreen trees / shrubs are probably the most famous natural feature of the castle and there are large crowds people over there trying to capture some cool shots of the blooming beauty these days.

Let me show you what I got to capture there 😉 Except for the magnolias, you will also see some other beautiful flowers in the following shots.
Have a lovely weekend and enjoy!

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S těmi rozkvetlými magnoliemi vypadá Wawlík ještě kouzelněji a pohádkověji než jindy :) Moc krásné fotečky :*

@tipu curate

Looks beautiful, like a page from a fairy tale!

Absolutely! Nothing compares to nature's beauty:)
Happy Easter!

And for a second I thought I was in a real Disney movie with that outstanding castle. I haven't seen a real one tho! And the way you took its photo adds glamor to an already perfect piece!

Yes, you are right, it looks like a fairytale castle where prince and princess live happily ever after.💫🏰
Thanks for the nice comment.
Have a nice day!;)

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