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Get the violins out, because it's my "woe is me" time. But, I'm too giddy not to post about it. No food or nature photos today. I've posted a photo that will cover what it means in a brief post.

On May 29, 2022, my fiancé Tiffany and I was in a car accident and that knocked us further off track our health and fitness journeys. March 2021 we caught COVID and we've been dealing with some long-term effects of it, but manageable. We had other injuries along the way, so it has been a bumpy road physically for a while now. With that said, the accident was the worst of them all.

Not because we felt worse than the time we had COVID, but because it prevented us from working out. Truth be told, my MRI is not on the favorable side. I will live with some cervical damage that will probably come back to haunt me in a few years. Not enough for me to fear paralysis. I went in today for a surgeon's consultation and I already was going to say hell no to any surgery recommendations. Needless to say, I will be working out by the end of the month.

On May 29, 2022; Tiffany and I worked out for our 200th Orangetheory Fitness coach as a couple and it was my 3,080th Orangetheory Fitness High Intensity Interval Training session. That day on our way home is when the accident happened.

If all goes well, on August 29th, 2022 we will be working out for one of our favorite coaches at our OTF home studio and my 3,081st session and yes; I'll be back to posting my workouts and posting it via @actifit (the post I submitted on that day: Crushed it For Coach #200, But We Had a Collision - My Actifit Report Card: May 29 2022

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I look forward to the new activity posts!
Stay well.

Thank You @rpren

Happy Friday!


Just a few more weeks to go, you've waited this long so that's not going to be a biggie!
Too bad to read that you will have some cervical issues though. Hopefully, manageable!

Have a good weekend!


Very Much Appreciated @thisismylife

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend so far!!

Good to see you getting better bro! Keep up the hustle!

Thank You Brother @hivehustlers

You guys are doing fine now.. Careful next time 😊

@jane1289 thank you!



Thats only a couple of weeks to go ! Good luck Jimmy!


Happy Friday Steve!


Happy Friday Jimmy! Have a good weekend! !CTP

It is getting closer every day, Jimmy!
It's okay to vent once in a while.
That's what family is for, lol

LOL - Thank YOU John!!

Happy FriYAY


I have my fingers crossed for your long awaited return to working out. Thanks for sharing.

Thank You Bob!


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Greetings mate, these are situations that get out of hand, health is the most important thing, without it everything else is worth nothing.

Soon they will return stronger and healthier to perform their activities! A hug!

Yay! 🤗
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I so admire you for your mental strengths Jimmy. I've had (mild) car accidents a couple of times in the past, no physical damage but still, the incidents left me with a mild trauma for a while.

Sorry to hear what happened in May but you're doing awesome in spirit! I hope it will all go well with you & Tiffany on August 29th - you've still got a few weeks to recover. I'm sure it'll be great. Thank you for sharing!

Very Much Appreciated Ray!

Have a great weekend 🙏🏼


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@jimmy.adames You guys are amazing. Dealing with a whole bunch of adversity over the last couple of years and still moving forward. Fingers crossed for your August 29th workout.
Looking forward to hearing about it.

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