Heron Flow

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So I continued to search my camera roll for some other pictures and yet again came across another bird shot and went ahead and did a search to see if I could get help identifying it

This particular bird was much nicer looking than the Wood Stork from my last @liketu post.

Now, I don't believe that the one I honed in on is the right one; but it's certain that this bird is a Heron. The closest my search came up with is a Green Heron, but in looking at the top of it's head, not sure it is.

I was not only enamored by the bird, but by the esthetics of it's backdrop.

This is another photo (one of many), that I have taken at Lake Eola Park in Downtown Orlando, Florida.

I need to get back to some iPhone photography courses I invested in. I only purchased the first couple, but although the timing was great for it when I purchased the courses; COVID hit Tiffany and me back in March of 2021; so our life's course took some hits and I just focused on my HIVE activity as being non-negotiable. I was on the same course with the workouts, but even that came off course with the car accident and now I'm counting the days to get back to it - SOON! So hopefully, the same could be said with the iPhone photo courses.

I currently take pictures with my iPhone10 XR.


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!BEER Great photo.

Thank You 🙏🏼 @fiberfrau


beautiful bird!

Definitely photogenic


That bird was live hunting, right? 🤨 😁

That bird was hawwwwngry lol


The bird is waiting for it's prey! 😁

indeed @eybyoung it's lunch time lol


This bird is more photogenic than yesterdays, lol

So much more John lol


You are going to have to join the Audubon society pretty soon. I heard they are looking for a Florida specialist. Thanks for sharing.

I ain’t got no time for dat Bob lol


I saw a purple heron a few days ago here in Caribbean Mexico. It looked very similar. Sadly, I didnt have my SLR with me. It could be a purple heron since Florida has a similar environment.

That makes a lot of sense. I was trying to find the green but didn’t see anything. Would have helped if I had brought in the shot of the bird but wanted the backdrop to be the star in a way.

Thanks 🙏🏼 @marleyandme


I don't know if you know this app but it helps categorise and identify flora and fauna. https://www.inaturalist.org/

I’ve been using Merlin Bird ID and my fiancé was using something that I don’t remember for plants, so I’ll definitely try that - thanks.


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