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Take me there :)
Heading towards the sky :)
Just go straight ahead!
Can't pass that chance to photograph that landscape :)
Heading up again :)
And it's leading us down...
And some winding...

“When you go on a road trip, the trip itself becomes part of the story.”

- Steve Rushin

A gusty Wednesday today which prevented me for a planned walk along the dirt road. It's been a while since I've been there and I felt it would be nice to have a little adventure and make my feet dirty. Unfortunately, it has to be postponed for the wind is scary and it might fly me away, lol!

Kidding aside, it's been drizzly since yesterday evening, then the wind came and it's been howling through the night. So it's best to keep myself indoors and stay safe, comfy and warm. The walk will have to wait :)

Anyway, the photos here are just some snapshots of roads - different ones - straight, winding, uphill, downhill. They were randomly taken during our road trip sometime ago. One of them (the first slide) reminded me of the pre-Christmas trip which the husband and I went to and he had me take the wheel which was one of the rare occasions because he always drives when we are traveling.

He was starting to relax on his seat when I decided to have a little adrenaline rush and released the brake so the car ran on speed. His reaction was pretty amusing that he grabbed the wheel while asking me to step on the brake. I think he was surprised of what I did and he almost got us climb the curb, lol! He was scolding me afterwards and I was just laughing telling him he shouldn't have done that.

Did he take the wheel back? Surprisingly, he didn't. Maybe he realized he was just over reacting, lol!

Well, that's just one of the funny yet exhilarating memories we have had on the road. Speaking of which, there was a time (many years ago which I may have already shared) when while on a little road trip on our motorbike, we got lost because the farmboy was not sure which way to take when we were on a crossroad. He won't listen to me and it took him maybe half an hour to realize we were heading the wrong way, lol!

I don't know but I have that fascination of photographing roads or streets specially when they are empty and clear of vehicles. They are so inviting and seem to be saying, "come, take me" (hehe!)

Glad we have taken a few of them and hopefully, we will be having more throughout the year.

Photos are my own. 25012023/09:25ph

Smile... laugh often... love more... be happy and grateful always!

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These photos gave me such a good feeling. Thank you dear friend


Thank you and I'm glad they gave you good feeling ;)

Beautiful ❤️

Thank you for your appreciation.

Wow! The place looks so relaxing. The view says it all. How amazing to be in that place. Peaceful and clean. I can feel The cold breeze from the trees. May I know from what place is that? Thank you for sharing this fabulous place lovely to look at. God bless

Thank you !LADY :)
They are in Ilocos Sur.

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You're welcome. The place is a jaw dropping ❤️

It can be very refreshing to see when you live in the metropolitan area where there aren't many greens in the surroundings 😉

Ganda ng backdrop yung bundok hehe.. Next time, gamit map pra hndi maligaw hehe

Oo nga, parang sarap akyatin :)
Minsan, maganda rin ang naliligaw, lol!

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Love the colors landscaped girl.

Me too. I always love the countryside and the landscapes around.

Lovely view

Yes they are, thank you :)


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Can feel amazing vibes of that Place.... Perfect view and place to relax yourself. You've Got some Good photos!

They are nice places indeed. Thank you IDK.

Your husband is a funny man. I was trying to imagine the look on his face when you did what you did. Lol. Mischievous. But in all honesty, Roads like that is nostalgic. Like. I oass through roads I grew up in before and i get the wind knocked out of me when the memories come flooding!

He is. He was alarmed and looked flustered, lol!

i get the wind knocked out of me when the memories come flooding!

It's nice to remember memories of not-so-distant past and can't help feeling some nostalgia while on it.

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Yeah yeah...❤️😁🍷

Wow this is very beautiful it's nostalgic for me 😌

Thank you for your kind remarks. Good you found them nostalgic 😉

It seems beautiful to me and it's a very good place to enjoy the beauty of nature. But in my opinion it would be more enjoyable if you enjoy the beauty by walking rather than enjoying it from vehicle ( my opinion)

You are right about that. Each of them have their own charms. Unfortunately, it would probably take days if you would walk through them :) They are in various places and we traveled from morning until evening through those roads hehe.


Yes. I can understand it very well. I am just saying that how it would be more enjoyable but It would take huge time. In that case, you could camp there nearby and then restart walking😂.
Anyway, I am joking but you can take it seriously😂🤣.

Oh, I definitely love to camp sometime in a place like that and wake up the next morning, perhaps to a beautiful sunrise or a sea of clouds 😍

Anyway, I am joking but you can take it seriously😂🤣

You bet I will 😂

You bet I will 😂

Then I am waiting to hear about your experience through your article. Make it as fast as possible.😅

Haha! Patience my friend 😁

I read your intro as A Gutsy Wednesday🤣
Do you take pics as you are driving along CJ

Haha! GM Tito, Ed! And no, the farmboy was on the wheel so I was able to take photos. If not, he'd be the one photographing things hehe!


The scenery is so beautiful. You look like a mischievous one with your little action, but at least it brought out laughs from you both. How exciting.

Thank you :) Was just wanting some action, lol!

I love those road photos, sis! The scenery looks like some of the roads here.
I hope the weather improves over there these days. Meanwhile, stay safe and warm at home 😊.


Thank you sis :) Hoping it gets warmer hehe. Have a fantastic evening to you, amiga

Ganda! Sa Benguet ba? Nakakamiss bumyahe!