Of Paddy Fields and Memories

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Paddies somewhere in Bauko.
By the bridge along Cervantes.
The rice fields from a distance along Quirino.
By the roadside somewhere in Bontoc.

"The beauty of the rice field lies in the patience of the earth and her ability to transform, grow and speak with words without speaking."

- Unknown

I may have mentioned or written on different occasions here that I'm always mesmerized by vast fields, plains and farmlands. I couldn't stop myself from taking photos of them every chance I get even when the car is speeding. The good thing is that when the husband notices me twisting my body just to get a snap of things outside the window, he slows down or he would pull over allowing me to indulge myself on the sceneries even for just a little while.

One reason of my fascination might be because we don't often see such an extensive view up here in the mountains. And another, I've always wanted to experience how it is like to be on that field, with my knees deep in mud and in water while laying those rice saplings and planting them. An activity which I've not been fortunate enough to experience, let alone witness in person. But hoping one day soon, I'll be able to check it off from my bucket list so it won't end up as just another wishful thinking.

It did remind me of a folk song which we learned way, way back in grade school called "Magtanim ay Di Biro" (Planting Rice is Not A Joke). It is a back-breaking task and skill which perhaps only those who experience doing it will truly appreciate. It is pretty easy for us to come up with an opinion when we are just watching from the sidelines but doing it ourselves may change our perspectives.

Anyhow, these photographs were captured in various places earlier this month while we were on the road. Most while the car is running, except for two (5th and 6th photo) where we pulled over by the roadside to enjoy the warm afternoon air while trying to get a glimpse of the so-called "Clitoris Mountain" from afar.

And here's to end it with some interesting info about "Paddy" from Wiki:

  • The word "paddy" is derived from the Malay word 'padi' which means "rice plant."

  • The word 'padi' is itself derived from Proto-Austronesian 'pajay' ("rice in the field", "rice plant").

  • Kadazan Dusun call it "Paai"

  • In Javanese, it's"Pari" and

  • Chamorro refers to it as "faʻi"

So it isn't just a coincidence why we in the Philippines call it "Palay" :)

Thank you lots and cheers to a beautiful day!

Photos my own. 19012023/09:15ph

Smile... laugh often... love more... be happy and grateful always!

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So serene and beautiful

Thank you for your kind words. I appreciate you greatly :)

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Thank you lots HB :) Great to see those numbers on my board❤️

You're welcome @ifarmgirl! Have a nice day 😊👍🌹

I loved the fact that your husband understands and cares for your passion.

Until we experience something ourselves we never know how it feels like, same is the case with planting rice. We are supposed to be grateful to those who perform this task for us

I'm thankful he does :)

And you've said it perfectly, we should be thankful to those who do the tough jobs for us. Thank you Amber.

Nice captures 📸. I wonder how often you travel around to have these pictures.

For farming; the task is not a funny one at all, it looks easy to those watching...just like you mentioned

Thank you @kingsleyy. I don't travel as often as I wished but these were captured on a two-day road trip on the 1st and 2nd January.

And truly, farming is never really easy :)

So pleasing to the eyes.

Thank you lots! Glad you find them pleasing @teneji44 😍

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Thank you so much.,👍❤😊

ifarmgirl you're welcome.,😊👍

Do they have special drainage systems CJ

None on those that I've seen Tito Ed :)

okay I ask as I always see the paddy fields in water but not the surrounding fields

Yeah. I absolutely have no idea how they fill the paddies with water so I want to see it one day😊

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This is wow! I felt speechless with the idyllic views dear CJ. I super !LUV it. I know how it feels so good to see a beautiful view like those in the pictures. Amazing.

Thank you lots for your warming words on a cold morning sis 😅 Happy Friday !LADY

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The pictures are really Beautiful ❤️

Thank you lots :) I appreciate you and sorry for this delayed reply :)

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Ganda talaga view mga towns malapit sa Benguet.

Ganda lahat ng towns sa Pinas hehe!

Such kinds of photographs remind me of my village. It's because of such a kind of environment we found in the village.
I also used to capture photographs of paddy fields like you.

They do right? It's just nice to see them and hopefully be able to experience how it is like to be on those field and make our hands dirty.


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