Frackin' Foodilicious!

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Salad on the side
Rice with grilled and glazed pork and yep, salad
Savory? Yep!
My bowl of salad
Mixing it well

So the weekend came and there are quite a few things that needed patching up so we are still home away from home. It's quite odd and inconvenient doing the things I usually do here on Hive and in real life but well, I guess these are those little distractions that add a little more colors to life.😉

There was a wee cozy place which the husband and I had an early lunch sometime ago (Monday) and it's one of those stops we often appreciate because it's relaxing and the ambiance is quite homey too. We had been there twice (I think) and I shared those times here too. But each trip has a different story to tell and memories created so please just bear with me if I talk too much about it, lol!

It's located nearby the state university and the primary schools in town and a favorite amongst students. It was half-past 11 am and we thought we'd do lunch first before heading out farther. Just glad there were no any early customers so we had the place for ourselves for a wee while until they came in groups and the tables were filled just before our orders were served.

The farmboy had something heavier - a platter of rice and glazed grilled pork. Me? A bowl of veggie salad topped with lots of cheese.

Food Verdict?

The husband gives his plate a thumbs up. The addition of the salad on the sides made his dish appetizing (for me) 😋 The glazed pork? Just well done, he said. All good then!

And what about my bowl?

Just yum😋 I was frackin' (borrowing Brad's word) satisfied. It had chopped lettuce, tomatoes, slices of cucumber and bits of chicken. And the dressing is just enough and the taste is to my liking too.

And oh, I almost forget to mention that we've seen my nephew with his 4 girlfriends as well. He pretended not noticing us but hey young man, we have our eyes on you, lol! Kidding aside, he approached us eventually and we shared a few laughs.

And that's just it for today and here's to wish us all a Happy weekend!

Photos are my own. 04022023/11:15ph

Smile... laugh often... love more... be happy and grateful always!

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omg must be so good 🤩

It was frackin' good 😅 Thank you

Hmmmm...looks delicious, I can eat salads all day, bt den I should be prepared for a running stomach through out the next day, lol... enjoy yourself and have a great weekend.

Oh, does your stomach has something against salads?
Thank you lots Mona and have a wonderful weekend to you too.

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Yes, I have a soft stomach, veggies and proteins run my stomach, bt I enjoy eating them regardless.

It seems all of that food is delicious and you enjoyed tasting it. I wish to be there while you tasted those food. I would snatch food from you😂.

Haha, that would be fun to do 😂
Thank you lots and happy weekend :)

That looks delicious and healthy!

Thank you and yes, they are good food I think :)

Aigo. Sarap tingnan...matagal na ko d nakakain ng salad.. Mkahanap nga hehe

Go for it sis! hehe. Happy Sunday :)

Ahhhh, ginugutom mo ko huehue. The salad looks yum but what's caught my eyes talaga is the grilled pork and rice. I love rice pano 🤤🤤

Haha, we can't say no to rice 😁

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A masta-Don.

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Happy weekend to you as well @ifarmgirl . I believe you guys had fun and enjoyed the meal, I tasted the pork from her and it's really good.

Thank you lots, George. I wish you a wonderful Sunday.

your style of making this is great ..sald is amazing ..i love this .thanks for sharing these pictures

I appreciate your kind remarks, thank you :)

Dinner looks good! Both of you 😁

And blimey, 4 girlfriends? He’s a popular guy, your nephew!

Thank you Monika :) And oh yes, he's got 4 ladies by his side, lol! Guess he prefers gals over lads as his friends hehe.


Nice! I also preferred guys as friends when I was a teen 😉

That's great sis :)

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