Wednesday Walk- Exploring The Sphere

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Hi, it is #wednesdaywalk again! Hope @tattoodjay is managing better with his wife's progress. Wishing them well and thinking of them as I do this week's #wednesdaywalk since he is the kind initiator of it!

Have you ever felt so overwhelmed by things happening around you and wish to be near nature??? I am sure many of us felt that before. I was feeling that too one of the weeks and being in the city, I feel I wanted to find a breather in a place with at least some greens since I still have my routines to go on with. Randomly I found out about this place with lots of eateries and also a supermarket.

The Sphere!

It so happened was located near a wedding venue where we attended a friend's wedding. It comprises of a variety of choices for food. From Chinese to Western, to Italian to fusion, all sorts of them can be found here.

It has like an open common area too with some fountain and also maybe when it coincided with Mid-Autumn, there were many lanterns decorating the space.

I love walking in this area because it is like walking in a garden though there are concrete walls. I could slow down to walk and admire the surroundings slowly. There are plants all around.

Look at the big fans on top. They really help with ventilating the whole place. The whole place is also sheltered and spacious.

Besides that, there are also some staircase lit up on the steps. The whole place just looks so neat, clean and well-maintained.

So glad that KL city and developers are incorporating the garden concept more and more into their urban developments because WE NEED IT!

Eatery with Greenery Wins My Heart!

It was not just a feast to my tummy but also to my eyes!

Locate the Sphere at:

📍The Sphere, 1, 1 Avenue, Bangsar South, 59200 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

That was such a pleasant walk at the Sphere! I want to come back to try many of their different restaurants here after my first experience. Hope you enjoyed walking with me too!

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