Bicycling is part of my life

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This week we continue with the training group, we are amateurs and what we do is have fun while riding, we make some stops to take pictures, rest and enjoy the scenery.

This week we went up to Las Delicias in Maracay, we went up to the Mineral water, a ride of approximately 32 kilometers round trip to my home, my colleagues live closer, so on weekends we meet in a strategic place and we all go to ride.

I like to leave home by bike, to get away from my daily activities, so I do a little more than all my colleagues, since I am the one who lives farther away, I know it is not much, but this has helped me in my health to feel a little healthier and with energy, although at night I go to bed very early at 8:30pm and I'm already sleeping to continue my routine at work.

See you next time friends!

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Beautiful photos, it is wonderful to see life on a bicycle, greetings.

Gracias nada como andar en bici, saludos

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