Yoshi is doing great after his shed

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Such an adorable little guy


Yoshi has a fresh set of skin and is ready to attack the day. He spent the day yesterday just relaxing after shedding and that is something that is normal. I guess it can be pretty exhausting for reptiles to shed off all their skin and grow new stuff underneath.


I brought him out of his cage and let him explore a bit on some of the plants. He didn't seem to like it too much though, so I only had him out for like 2 minutes. I gave his cage a fresh cleaning and added a bunch of crickets for him.


Today is my grandfather's funeral, so Yoshi will be by himself for the majority of the day. Hopefully that helps him get back into the swing of things after shedding. I have heard they can get pretty moody leading up to shedding and for a short time after, which would explain why he wasn't eating much yesterday.


I can tell that he has gotten a lot larger since we first got him. He may have even doubled in size already, but I never actually measured him, but he does seem a lot bigger, especially when holding him.


I read that they need to eat some greens with their diet, so I got him a package of collard greens and have it set in a bowl in his cage. So hopefully he munches on them today.


It has been a busy past few days for him and he has earned his rest. Hopefully he will continue to be healthy and grow. His crown is already getting a lot larger, which is really solidifying that he is a male. Anyways, thanks for stopping by and checking up on Yoshi. He is doing great and is continuing to grow each day.


I am testing out the Liketu platform with this post, so hopefully everything shows up correctly. I uploaded the images through Peakd and I want to see if it works this way because I don't know how I feel about uploading images through Liketu and having their watermarks on them, so this is also kind of a test to see if the images are watermarked when uploaded through a different front end.

EDIT - So it looks like you need to upload at least one image through Liketu before you can post. That is why all the photos at the beginning are watermarked and the ones in the post are not.

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Absolutely beautiful photos. That first one is so good. I never had a chameleon on my hand but during our housesits in australia we once took care of a bearded dragon. Such cool animals.


That is so cool. I was so close to getting a bearded dragon instead of a chameleon. There are some days I wish I would have gotten a bearded dragon because they are so much easier to care for. Chameleons are a lot of work and require a lot of attention.

oh no!!! crawly creatures 😢

Sorry to hear about your grand dad. My condolences

Thank you. I appreciate it. The funeral was really good today. He was such a great guy.

And Yoshi is so cute! Want more pics!!!!

Yeah, didn't like that watermark. So they modify the image, not only overlays the logo.

I was wondering that and you just found out. Tks.

No problem. Honestly, I dont mind the watermarks on my photos. I know there are some other professional photographers that wont use the site because of the watermark, but the idea behind it driving traffic back to your profile is pretty cool. The watermark does have your profile name on it under the Liketu logo, so that is good.

Please accept my condolences for the loss of my grandfather. I also recently lost my grandfather. Losing family is hard.
Yoshi is beautiful. It is interesting to watch how it grows and develops.

Thank you. I really appreciate that. And thank you for checking out Yoshi's progress as he gets older. I can't wait to see how he grows over the next couple months.

Yoshi looks like he has a great life 🙌 Does he enjoy being handled, or prefer being alone?

I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your grandfather :(

Thank you. No I do not think Yoshi likes being handled that much. Chameleons are not that social of a pet, but I think over time, once they begin to trust you more, they don't mind it as much. But they really aren't the type of pet you would just go carry around the home.

He probably will warm up to you, it's easy to see that you care a lot about him. Animals tend to know when they are loved ❤️


Lovely little dinosaur! I have discussed watermarks with the team and we will allow people the option of turning them off. It's not something meant to deter, originally we thought it would drive traffic back to their profile on liketu (and by extension hive) if the image was viral or found in other parts of the web.

Should be done sometime soon.

I honestly don't mind the watermark, but I do know of a lot of other professional photographers that would not use the service because of the watermarks. I am going to have to check out the Liketu front end a lot more indepth. I have been hoping Hive would get something like this for a while, because sharing my photography was something that drove me to Steem back in the day. So I am really happy that we have this here on Hive.

I recognise this as a concern so I think the optionality is good.

It's still a bit rough round the edges but we're working on it. I'm very happy that you're at least giving us a try 🙏

I am enjoying the model so far. It has a ton of potential. I think I may have even spoke with your or someone else from the team in Krakow a few years back.

Also, do you have a discord server or anything that we could talk to your or the team about bugs or any other issues that we encounter?

We don't have a discord, but you can always reach out to me personally there, or on beechat.

I think we might have met in Krakow, I'm starting to remember! :)

beautiful colors on yoshi looks a bit like my plant lol

My condolences be strong

Thank you. Yoshi keeps getting more and more colorful by the day.

Stunning images and what a handsome dude, I gotta say!

So sorry to read of your grandfather's passing - sending you a hug from Thailand. x

Thank you. How is Thailand right now? We are so ready to leave the US, but with Covid, it is hard to know how the future will work out overseas.

Where I am in the North it's pretty good. General neurosis, lots of regs and general misinformation and panic, but mostly the respect people have here for each other is winning out. Economy hurting big time though.... We just regressed back to a quasi-island-quarantine situation, where people have to do 7 days on a controlled island and test negative before being allowed to travel freely.

All does my head in, honestly. But relatively, we had 259 new cases here today LOL so it's all very mild and doable.

That is awesome that they are trying to keep people safe there. Here in the US, it is crazy. Just in our state alone, we had almost 10,000 new cases today. Just a couple weeks ago, we were only averaging about 1200 a day.

Condolences to you and your family…

Yoshi is looking great with his new skin. 😎

Thank you. I really appreciate it.