Big Buds Incoming and Some New Babies

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My Green Crack is really loving all of the extra lights and the buds are starting to get pretty fat and dense. This morning when I watered them, I added some of the Bembe to the water to bring out the terpenes. I have added Bembe to the water with this plant twice and I do not think I will be adding it another time because it says to use it every other week, and I am trying to be extra careful not to overfeed this plant like I did with the GDP.

I only have a few weeks left before the Green Crack is ready for harvest, and I think it will get one or two more feedings of Big Bloom. I think I may actually just reduce the amount I add to the water and give it some extra, because everything I have read about this strain is that it is a very nutrient hungry strain and it thrives when given a bit extra. So I will just be watching the leaves closely to ensure I do not cause harm to it.

I ended up doing some defoliation today to help bring more light to the lower buds. I kind of let this plant go without doing too much defoliation because it is getting so much light and I do not think that there were many leaves that needed to be trimmed to give light to the lower nodes. These next two weeks will probably be the biggest growth and I am super excited to see how this one turns out.

In some other exciting news, yesterday morning, all of my little seedlings poked their heads up out of the dirt, giving me a 100% germination rate with the next set of plants that will grow in my tent. I have two Purple Lemonades, a Purple Punch and another Bubblegum. I am super excited for the two purple strains and I really hope that they have some color to them. I am always excited to grow more bubblegum as well, because each harvest of bubblegum is better than the previous one. It is also a favorite of some of my friends that use cannabis for medicinal purposes. It should be cool to see the difference between all these plants as they mature and move into their flower cycle. Things are about to get awesome in my grow tent.

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Oh! Such a lovely sight! They look so healthy & delicious! I just stopped smoking both cannabis & tobacco after 21 active years of smoking but still I will never give up the holy plants! I just prefer different ways of consuming... 😊🖖

Nice man. It is always better to find more healthy ways to enjoy this plant. I use a Volcano vaporizer or I make edibles. I do not like the smoke in my lungs.

Good for you! But I love smoking. It is kind of a real ritual for me + the taste & the effect. But I'm also self aware & conscious of the bad effects too! Now I'm a new guy! 😁

Looking really good dude! It would be so cool to see another one as purple as the one you had, but I don't know if there is such a darker purple then that one, still in awe over it. Keep up the good work!

I am hoping for another dark purple as well. I wish you could smell that red poison that had the dark purples. It is the best smelling cannabis I have ever smelled.

Me too man. It is the kind I see and makes me want to go to club to get some purple buds, I defiantly need to find a good purple strain to grow. Hopfully my local nursery still has the Grape ape

Fuck yea, purple punch is fire. It's one of my favorite.

Nice. I’ve never tried it. I’m looking forward to it.

Im trying to get started on growing some soon, the seeds are rare where im at, i still havent put together a setup but itll probably be a ghetto setup, its gonna be my first time ever growing and i cant wait to share it with you guys and get the guidance im gonna need lol

very ggood looking buds

That is awesome. I hope you are able to get growing soon. We have a lot of very knowledgeable people here on the blockchain that can help you with your first grow.

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I don't know too much on plants but it's comfortable to look at them in your pictures, feel like a ASMR which making me relax 😉

Its look great

You already know Green Crack is an awesome strain, you have so many healthy buds. You must be very excited for the coming future :-D

Looking good. Is Bubblegum mostly Sativa? I got Orange bud this year and it was fab.

Never mind, I found it. it is 50/50, so some calming effect can be present. Will try once for sure, especially because of its sweet flavor. Cheers