My hair and beard are now the shortest they have been in years

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It had been nearly 2 months since my last visit to a barbershop. My hair was out of control and my beard resembled a wild animal that resides deep within a forest. This was starting to get pretty annoying for me, so I know @flowerbaby was most likely also wishing that I'd hurry up and get another haircut already. The other afternoon, I decided to do exactly that.

Instead of going back to the other two barbers I've been going to over the last several years, I decided to revisit my former go-to barbershop. I have been going to these other two shops ever since I moved into my place downtown almost 3 years ago. They are both within walking distance and that's truly the main reason I've been alternating between the two closer barbershops.

This third spot is also really close just not within walking distance. I'm talking about Bully Trap Barbershop. This one is undeniably the hippest and most enjoyable place to be in my opinion. It is also in the middle of the three places in terms of cost. I used to go there all of the time but hadn't been in ages. There were about 5 people still working there that I still remembered, but also about 3 or 4 other new guys cutting hair.

The way this place works is mainly walk-ins. When you arrive, you write your name on a chalkboard and then just wait until it is your turn. If you want to get in there quickly, you are going to get the first barber that becomes available. If you don't mind waiting, you can write a specific barber's name next to yours. I didn't really care who cut my hair, I just wanted to get it done.

While waiting I sat in the lounge area next to this kid who had on some really cool Nike shoes. I waited a total of maybe 15 minutes and then got paired with this kid who looked about 21 years old. Surely the youngest out of all the employees.

I know that the shop owners wouldn't hire anybody that didn't know what they were doing, so I wasn't worried although my guy was much younger than the rest. I explained to him that I wanted my hair on top short and my beard pretty short as well. It didn't take him long before he finished and spun me around to look in the mirror. I was happy with what I saw and it was certainly a big change from what I looked like when I first arrived.

The top of my head was even shorter than I had imagined, but I was fine with it since it'll now be much easier to maintain. I think my beard was just about exactly what I had envisioned. It is no longer bushy, but also still a respectable beard. I gave him $20 for the haircut and $15 for the beard trim and then I was out the door.

I'm glad that I finally went back to Bully Trap, as it is by far the coolest place in town. Another reason I hadn't been there in forever is that they were requiring people to wear masks for the longest time and weren't doing beard trims. This was absurd to me and I just couldn't walk in there knowing I would be leaving without my beard being touched.

That and I absolutely think that anybody who believes wearing a mask is going to protect them from anything in this world is absolutely insane and brainwashed. I don't think the owners necessarily wanted to do it, but more so felt the need to do it to keep a positive image in the public. Even now, they have a giant sign when you first walk in that reads "Our staff is fully vaxxed". Hopefully, it's just to make people feel better and they aren't actually giving their employees that kind of ultimatum. I know that I will never work again for someone who wishes to control decisions in my life.

I'll never know the truth of what working there is like, but honestly, I don't even care as long as I can go in there and get a nice cut without feeling like a bitch obeying some idiotic new rules that magically came into existence a few years ago. I think the majority of the world is finally realizing that we were juped, but most seem okay with that which is sad.

Enough of my rant. This post is supposed to show you before and after photos of my hair/beard. That and a few photos of the shop to see how cool it is and the mural outside featuring some of the barbers. I still highly recommend Bully Trap and believe that I will be going there from now on. I was surprised to know that several of the workers remembered me very well even though I hadn't been there in nearly half a decade. One guy even remembered what car I drive and everything, so I think it's safe to say these people definitely care about their customers.

What do you think of my haircut? Did it turn out alright? Leave a comment and let me know. Should I pull a LeBron and accept that my hairline is not going to get any better and go bald? I probably won't be doing that anytime soon, but I feel like one day it is bound to happen.

Thanks for reading my blog and looking at some of my photos today.

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When you say that you are annoyed with your hair and beard that is a little unkempt, that is a very good sign for someone. I mean, if someone is still bothered by something untidy on their head and face, that means that person really cares about their appearance. You are a very neat person, my friend!

If they pay attention to the smallest things, they will pay attention to other things too, right?

In my opinion, the problem of hair and facial hair is not a small problem.
That is a big problem. It is a reflection of one's cleanliness and tidiness.

You make a good point. Although I had let it get out of control, at least I wasn't okay with that.

Nice, gotta love the feel of a fresh cut that's for sure! I haven't been to a barber since I was a little kid, it's been a long ass time lol. I got into going with my dad, he would go to a salon cause he wanted to see the cute girls that worked there hahaha it was all good. I started cutting my own hair a few years ago and just do that nowadays. Just give it the old buzz right off!

It's too funny though, you look a lot like a friend of mine from work. He's got a similar beard look to you and a similar face structure. Gotta send him a message, it's been a while since I talked to him!

The barbershop is one of the places that I still enjoy going for the socialization aspect of it. The cuts are great too of course. Your dad sounds like a fun guy, what man doesn't enjoy looking at pretty girls? I had a period of buzzing my own hair and could go back to it if I ever needed to do so.

Hit that guy up! Tell him he can be Daltono #2 😜

Such a beautiful haircut. The cost of a haircut is quite expensive there. It's worth the price too with the look you are getting. @Flowerbaby will refall in love with you. Lol. It costs 1$ to have a decent haircut and beard trim in Ghana here.

Oh, how I wish I could pay only $1 for a haircut. I'd be going every single week. The absurd cost here in the USA is why I go so long without getting my haircut.

💪😉😎🤙 it looks good!

it's short, but will grow and look just right in no time.. as soon as I say that pick, I though u had cut ur hair in preparation for a MMA fight.. Daltono in the UFC!?!


If the UFC adopted an edition where nobody was trained in mixed martial arts, then I’d be down to throw some hands.

YEA! 😂😁👍

The good thing about barbershops (almost all of them) is that you can choose the cut you want, it has happened to me many times and in different salons that I'm not satisfied because they always give you recommendations and end up doing what they want, that is not good at all. But, nice haircut bro, I bet in a few weeks you will have long hair and beard, I hate u guys. I cut my hair today and it won't grow back for at least 2 years haha.

I’ve definitely heard of more women’s salon horror stories than I have men’s barbershop.

My beard grows quickly, but the hair on my head not so much 😆

It's a house of terror, believe me 🤣

Looks fresh as hell to me. You look thinner too


Man your hair and beard are looking good. I go to barbershop like 20 days ago because it was really hot and my beards makes me feel hotter. I think you shouldn't go bald right now. Your haircut is good enough 😅.

I appreciate the love. Some people go to the barber every 2 weeks, but I think every month or two is enough. Time to start growing my beard longer yet again. It will be nice to have it short and easy to keep up with for the next several weeks.


Why did you shave the beard?!?!?

I needed a break from all of the bushiness. It’ll grow back eventually 👹

A full-fledged barbershop. He looked like a brother boy. Good cut in every way. A hug.

This place is surely to turn you from a mess to a masterpiece.

I was looking at it and I was wondering it still look quite long instead of short 🙂

My beard is still decently long when compared to most, but definitely not as long as it was. My hair, well it’s always pretty short.. but right now is the shortest I’ve gone.

It is very different here in Venezuela, if the barber is known, you have to schedule an appointment several days in advance, but if we decide not to wait so long, we can choose where to cut our hair. But the blackboard did catch my attention, that was a good idea.

Some places here require an appointment, but this one is so busy that they just rely on walk-ins since people are known to cancel quite often and it slows things down.

You look so handsome, bro! Your beard looks like so great, I've worried about my hair losing in these days, but you know it's a process and I need to adapt to the changes.

🤜🤛 gracias
Hair loss is inevitable for most, better prepare to accept it like I did long ago.

Yep!, I'm agree!

You are looking so cool with those hair cut.

You look good @daltono the haircut looks really nice

great haircut friend, that barbershop looks very luxurious. It is always important to change a little and vary our look

It's probably the nicest shop in town, most certainly the manliest 😉

it looks like a great local friend ideal to be there for a good time

It looks pretty


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