My stay in Reñaca, an accommodation that opened the door for me to reconnect [Eng - Esp]

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My stay in Reñaca, an accommodation that opened the door for me to reconnect

Hello my dear friends of Liketu! Today I would like to share with you this place where we stayed with my parents, which is really wonderful. I already knew it, since I have been coming with them to Chile since I was very little and they have always stayed in this place or in another place that was called Reñana INN, which was an apart hotel, but a few years ago it closed.

As some of you may know, I'm more of a hostel person because I want to save money. Let's see, I would never have chosen a hotel if I came to Chile alone, but since my parents invited me, here I am at Piero's hotel with them.

It is a fairly simple hotel, affordable also economically, but it offers several services that make your stay excellent. For example, it has a swimming pool, games room, breakfast included.

I stayed in a room apart from my parents' and I have a view of the city, let's say the part behind the hotel. And my parents were given a room right in front of the pool, where you can see the sea between some buildings.

The hotel is not in front of the sea, but about three blocks away, but it has an excellent location.

The truth is that being here has allowed me to relax, to connect with myself, also with my parents of course, and to travel again in a way that is perhaps a little more traditional.

My conclusion for now for this stage of my life is that I prefer my style, hehe, but it has been a nice few days with my family.


Mi estadía en Reñaca, un alojamiento que me abrió la puerta para reconectar

Hola mis queridos amigos de Liketu! Hoy quisiera compartir con ustedes este lugar en donde nos alojamos con mis padres, que es realmente una maravilla. Yo ya lo conocía, ya que he venido con ellos a Chile desde muy pequeña y siempre se han alojado en este lugar o en otro que se llamaba Reñana INN, que era un apart hotel, pero hace unos años cerró.

Como algunos sabrán, yo soy más de hostel por un tema de ahorro. A ver, yo jamás hubiese elegido un hotel si venía a Chile sola, pero como me invitaron mis padres, pues aquí estoy en el hotel Piero’s con ellos.

Se trata de uno bastante sencillo, accesible también económicamente, pero que ofrece varios servicios que te hacen la estadía excelente. Por ejemplo, tiene piscina, sala de juegos, desayuno incluido.

Yo me quedé en una habitación aparte de la de mis viejos y tengo vista a la ciudad, digamos la parte que está detrás del hotel. Y a mis padres les dieron una habitación justo en frente de la piscina, por donde se alcanza a ver el mar entre unos edificios.

El hotel no queda frente al mar, sino a unas tres cuadras, pero tiene una excelente ubicación.

La verdad que estar acá me ha permitido relajarme, conectar conmigo, también con mis padres claro, y viajar nuevamente de una manera quizás un poco más tradicional.

Mi conclusión por ahora para esta etapa de mi vida es que prefiero mi estilo, jeje, pero han sido unos bonitos días en familia.

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I hope you’ve enjoy the post!

Thanks a lot for being here!

With love,


Espero quehayas disfrutado el post!!

Muchas gracias por estar aquí!

Con cariño,


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It always feels so good when moments are shared with family and I love how you were able to bond during your stay in Reñaca. I have not been here but I love the place especially the McDonald’s, hehe. Blessings to you my dear friend and have a great day.

Heheh, I’m glad you liked it! Thanks a lot for stopping by!

You are most welcome sis and the pleasure is mine. More beautiful memories to share.

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Thank you!!

I can't wait for pool time to come back again... but we're something like six months away from proper summer, thus I will have to deal with the cold until then.

OH!! Well, when you finally arrive to summer season, I’ll be in winter again, hehe

How cold is it there during winter?

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