A Brief Insight Into My Take on the H.A.T.E.D Ethos in Regards to Tyranny: A Desperate Plea for Earth's Citizens to Open Their Eyes Before We Cross the Point of No Return Globally...

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While you might not realize it by reading my sometimes incredibly heated and passionate writings on various topics, I'm not actually a violent person at all by nature, infact when I was a wee tyke I was somewhat of a meek pushover who would run from a fight instead of stand my ground..

However I've always had a well developed and deeply ingrained sense of justice and defending those who are too scared to defend themselves or unable to due to physical or mental issues preventing them from doing so. As to do anything less is effectively complacency to evil.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing,”

This Isn't Simply One or More "Nations" Issue.. It's Global

We live in an extremely troubling time here on Earth. When you've got potential biological eugenics programs masquerading as natural disease and the subsequent fix in the form of experimental epigenetic vaccination going on right in front of us, many global governments constantly and consistently trouncing the individuals rights via blatant over-regulation and draconian law, corporations poisoning the air, water and soil of the entire fucking planet for profit and the greedy as shit dickhead energy sectors pushing a petrol based dollar on us, all the while killing off ANY and ALL disruptive new energy generation technologies through patents or outright hiding new technology so they can keep profiting off of 120 year old internal combustion engine tech to ensure their investments into things like offshore drilling rigs are maximized...

We've got a global problem on our hands, one that isn't going to be solved by simply conversing about it sadly. The window in which action can be taken against all of this is narrowing rapidly.

Speaking The Language of Those Who Rule By Force and Fear

The only language rich sociopaths, fake democratic soap operas and dictatorships understand is violence most of the time sadly.. And while I don't like it, when it comes down to it.. I'll gladly arm myself and anyone else willing to stand up for the worlds citizens and the planet itself if need be.

To do anything less ensures as a collective we end up dead, enslaved or worse.

We as a species let the world get taken over by people who prefer profit over progress... It's our fault and in order to fix it we might have to end up in a global civil war.. What has happened is analogous to the "slow boiling a frog" method.. Except in this case the frog is the planet and every single last one of it's inhabitants.. And it's been evolving into this for hundreds and hundreds of years..

You think the "new world order", "bilderberg group" or whatever is going to stop and come to their senses at all in order to skirt the path of absolute destruction of societies and the ecosystems supporting them that they've laid out in the past? You think some type of reform of multi-national corporations and the governments that allow them to operate above the law and beyond the scopes of decent morality is just somehow magically going to materialize into existence...?

Ehhh.. I'd sooner hedge my bet on the result to all of that being a resounding NO and have the information required for every damn able bodied, person to help over throw this persistent travesty against humanity than have you and your family or any future generation stuck in a government gulag on a dying planet polluted past the point of no return by multi-national corporations and the governments allowing such rape of the planet and it's inhabitants for profit because we were to scared to stand up against it, share gun designs on our blockchain, websites and networks and put a halt to this by any means necessary and with the cost being entirely invalid in the end..

A Message to Those Opposed to Firearms and Fighting for Freedom


It wasn't the Tec-9 the kid in columbine used to shoot his classmates that decided to fire by itself.. Guns aren't inherently any more dangerous than a vehicle, knife or popsicle provided it's in the hands of a person without mal-intent.. But the main stream media and government would much rather you live in fear of bad guys with guns instead of realizing that firearms are merely an evolution of slinging rocks, arrows or spears at something. I'm not saying everyone should print 3D guns and go shoot up their local governments.. I'm saying that you should be free to do as you please provided you're not providing measurable detriment to others.

Regardless on if you're an individual who is comfortable around guns, potentially violent asymmetric warfare, murmurs of revolution, the assembly of global militia groups or not.. At the end of the day it's irrelevant. It boils down 100% to if the majority or not is willing to fight for their right to a future free from oppressions and tyranny.. or have been so broken as a species and domesticated via means of societal programming and other factors to even realize what is going on or do anything about it.

This is the reality we live in. We're at a precipice of complete irreversible ecological and societal collapse it seems, but it's not to late to correct the course.. There is still hope if we as a species collectively band together and force those in positions of power being abused out and put safe guards in place to prevent those who exhibit psychopathy from ever regaining their stranglehold not only on the planet, but on the future generations of humanity and their technological and spiritual evolution. Without a unified global opposition to corporate and government tyranny there may not even be a future for your grandkids or their kids on this planet at the rate we're going now.

Do I Sound Like an Extremist or Domestic Terrorist to You?


You all can thank the sociopaths running these so called "countries" into the fucking ground and overregulating people's lives for effectively "radicalizing" me into a being who would gladly manufacture or pick up arms to defend you and your families future at any cost, regardless of whatever god / sky daddy you pray to, colour your skin happens to be or your political cheerleader stance. I don't expect you to do the same for me, but if you'd like to join the cause then we'd love to have you on board. Everyone from all nations and walks of life are welcomed and perhaps even required in order for the global push against tyranny to be truly unstoppable and effective.

What it boils down to is this: How far are you willing to let the federal or nation state bullies in suits and their gangs of uniformed thugs (sometimes called police) bully you into the corner before you stand up, exhibiting far greater numbers, power and mass than they will ever yield, and then punch them in the fucking teeth ( preferably with a high velocity round ) for trying to scare you all into submission while undermining the potential future for every single living thing on this planet?

Be it with COVID, threats of jail or by more sinister means such as secret police and/or using completely immoral means such as directed energy weapons or microwaving you with beamformed 5G, the world governments, simply put, do not give flying fuck about you or your families well being and ultimately will treat you in a manner similar to how humans treat livestock to be later slaughtered for food.

Do You Know What Assessable Means?

In their eyes the governments believe they own you due to imaginary lines drawn on maps ( collectively called in a delusional political fallacy as "countries" normally ) and will gladly take whatever they can get from you, often farming your life hours and developed skills to bolster their own military, scientific and other hidden project budgets through taxation on your wages, when you purchase items or when they require you to give them money for any form of licensing in which they pretend you're not allowed to do a particular action unless you have a special piece of paper indicating they have given you permission.. All the while using the money / value you've created and they've stolen to develop more effective ways to monitor, subdue and control you.. This is unjust.

That is what the whole thing is about at the end of the day, if you don't have the balls to ensure we don't all end up fucked by any government body or agency, foreign or domestic, that views you and your kin as an expendable, farmable resource.. Then that is totally cool, I get it. I used to be a fucking pussy too.. But then one day I realized that avoiding this issue was just as bad as perpetrating it.

That doesn't mean I won't now and forever more until this mortal shell fails, stand up and fight for you and yours if that is what need be to ensure neither you nor your future children ever end up in a situation in which all freedoms are lost.. Just please remember that while your societal programming has made you afraid or inclined to avoid topics such as this, it doesn't mean you're necessarily stuck in that state of perpetual fear. Ask yourself how far you're willing to let the destruction of peoples rights and the planet progress before it's effected you enough to make you angry to the point of doing something about it.. The fact of the matter is, if you consider yourself an aware and intelligent person if you're not already to the point you're willing to do something about it, you're either not paying close enough attention to the atrocities on the world stage, you're working for the human garbage pushing their agendas and garbage or you've been scared into complacency.

Any Freedom Fighter Mobilized Against the Proliferation of Corrupt Government or Corporate Injustice is Often Labelled as a Terrorist or Extremist by Those Perpetrating Tyranny


I'm far more afraid of the entire planet being taken as fools, completely subjugated then marched into an early mass extinction event than I am of having to kick off a global scale civil war on a to ensure there is still a viable planet for future generations to live on.

Now while some may misconstrue this as some form of eco-terrorist or completely anti-government sentiment manifesto, the whole ecological aspect of this is only one tiny part, and governments acting within a framework designed to create rights for the individual rather than remove them is absolutely fine by me.. The real enemy here is the leaders of government and industry exhibiting extreme levels of sociopathy and psychopathy all the while conducting themselves in their best interests at the expense of the entire planets population both human and animal while dictating what we can and cannot do all the while completely believing themselves above their own dictated tyrannical rules.

Hypocrisy is one of the traits most humans exhibit, and this extends all the way up to our institutions, agencies and the governments facilitating them.. I for one have had enough of watching the world go to shit and burn from the sidelines.. The time is now to begin putting the wheels in motion globally in order to crash directly head on into these assholes within the deep state or government who will otherwise remain unchecked at the expense of absolutely everything you care about now or in the future.

So What Will it Be?

Do you join the global resistance, pledging to fight tyranny in all forms to hopefully ensure the lives, futures and freedoms of all people, animals and ecosystems are protected now and for the foreseeable future? Or do you sit there scared to rock the boat of your tyrant dictators and do nothing like a spineless coward, letting them strip your rights and planet only to later, when it's to late to do a fucking thing about it, look back with 20/20 hindsight and wish you'd done more when it was still viable to do so? This decision rests with every person on the planet and the time to submit your answer and take actions inline with how you want the future to look like is not tomorrow, its NOW.

I'm not saying go shoot up your local government branch nor am I wishing violence nor use of excessive force against those who would gladly use it against us to quell a questioning of their ethics and power... This is a time to spread the word that the citizens of earth are banding together in the face of a common enemy, with that enemy being tyranny from any government, corporation or group who deems it's usage justifiable. Rule by force and fear is the enemy here, one that must be destroyed with extreme prejudice when the time is right, and that time is steady approaching.

I fight for privacy, for freedom of expression today and tomorrow and ultimately to ensure that you and those in your life you care about have a chance for a future free from being completely controlled by any tyrant led government and can use this future to further the species and fix the damages done by allowing psychopaths to rule over the planet for generations..

When Does This Revolution Start?


Global revolution has been set in motion for some time now, in response to the tyrannical multi-national globalist threat that has effected us all over the past few generations. Up until recently it'd been considered somewhat of a "cold" war.. However, more and more of the citizens of Earth are "waking up" per say and pledging their lives towards fighting against tyranny, in order to ensure a future for every man, woman, child, fish, insect and beast. This falls onto all of our shoulders and is a massive burden to bare, but one if not the only true battle within our lifetimes that will need to be fought.. Because to allow this to continue on into the future serves only to ensure the complete and utter destruction of not only humans, but all species and the planet itself as we know it.

This isn't a "down the road" battle that need be fought, the war begun ages ago against the common man, we were simply to enthralled with the "roman bread and circus" to notice as a whole... But the circus show is over now, and that bread you have been handed previously is now unfit for human consumption. The time to muster our collective strength as the majortiy on this planet is now.


Dammit. I read through that whole thing and cant find any thing to disagree with, lol.
IMO Hive was built specifically for this task. If only the greater population would pull the wool off their eyes. But they cant because the chains on their wrists are almost to tight for the hand to reach their face.
People need to free from asshats all over the world. We all need this community!

Agreed! This whole conversation actually started out as another HIVE user stating they would quit HIVE if I started sharing plans to build firearms and forming earth citizen militia chapters world wide in order to form a sort of front line force against would be tyrannical governments..

What it ended up boiling down to is that if we can't use decentralized systems like this to post information, schematics, plans and ideals that might go against what our governments would like, then we're finally actually making use of the whole decentralization aspect on here and the security from mutability it provides.. What the actual fuck is the point of it all even?

I get that not everyone is pissed off enough with the state of the world to openly declare themselves a part of an anti-tyrannical government atrocity group willing to distribute plans to build weapons, bare arms and pursue violet conflict if necessary to protect not only our own freedoms but the rights and freedoms of others throughout the world... And frankly I don't blame them given the level of fear that government indoctrination coupled with rule of force / fear of incarceration manifests in most people..

But if people remain scared and complacent it will only get worse and worse until there is nothing left to save and we're left on a dying planet while the rich sociopath classes fly off to go fuck up some other planet.

This isn't something I've started to be some edgey prick or cause a ruckus..

This is my direct response to the daunting realization that SOMEONE has to be that asshole and start pointing this shit out then make a place to facilitate the building of local militia forces globally. It's fine and dandy to talk about what is going on and disagree with it.. But words don't stop dictatorships and tyrannical actions from taking place.. But well organized militias sure as fuck can..

I mean.. If the Viet Cong and Afghan Mujahadeen could kick Americas ass in a battle of attrition imagine what the global population could do against these psychopath fucks currently in charge and their cronies? The day is steady approaching in which they fire the first shot (in my opinion it's already past this) or overstep the wrong line and kick the proverbial hornets nest that is the citizen majority of earth.

I don't see colour, ethnicity, religion, country or creed. I see citizens of a planet that need to shrug off their melancholy compliance and put their foot down and say this:

"Hey Tyrannical Governments and Corporations, You only exist because we, the people of Earth and the majority populations of nations that pay your wages and revenues which you have been abusing for far to long, allow you to exist, not the other way around. Smarten the fuck up or we'll remove you from the gene pool and planet by force, not even your military might and advanced technology can possibly stop the tide of a pissed of majority, so know your role or you'll soon realize that no place is safe to continue on the way you are, that isn't a threat, it's a fucking promise. We own you, you do not own us."

When a tyrannical multi-national "New World Order" or corrupt government is left unchecked, everyone suffers.. Some of these officials we voted in, it should be well within our rights to remove them by any means necessary provided it ends up beneficial across the board or serves to stop the oppression and abuse of the planet and it's inhabitants.


"People should not be afraid of their government, governments should be afraid of their people.. Extremely fucking afraid actually"

The one thing that I find the most atrocious about having to resort to the decentralization thing at all. We as human society should have never let it get this far in the first place. But no. Far too many of us are far to fat and lazy to stand for their own freedom just so long as they get what they want when they want it. They either dont know or dont care what the price is they are paying for their momentary happiness. Mostly because they havent received that bill that will eventually come. And the governments will not give them a grace period to pay it.

I will not ever pay that bill. And I will do anything and everything to make sure my daughter wont have to do deal with it.

**trying to channel my best Mel Gibson "Braveheart" speech mode. But not doing very good at it.

Man... The fucking fact I even have to write these posts as a call to arms to the world because multi-national corporations and fucked in the head governments are literally threatening to destroy our planet and all of us in the pursuit of profit and control is ridiculous if you think about it.. Let alone that we've watched this happen over many generations and nobody save for a few "extremists" like Ted Kaczynski bothered to attempt to do something about it.. Now before people start screeching that I'm praising the unibomber I'll say this:


I do however understand why he did it, especially after the CIA fucked his brain right up in the MKULTRA shit he was exposed to in university.. I don't believe that people are born violent extremists or domestic terrorists. I believe that the state of the world and the societies that have been built around our species ultimately radicalize people against the governments and companies that effectively know nothing but greed and forced complacency as a rule.

Not all governments are bad, not all corporations are bad, But the ones that are.. Well, really, we need to address (and by address I mean destroy) swiftly and with absolutely devastating, non-rebuildable and total prejudice as a collective.

Killing people and blowing shit up isn't what this movement is about at all, in fact I'm more inclined to find bloodless ways of change and only when these ways have been explored and exhausted then resorting to all out war against the adversary.. But when it boils down to it, if those perpetrating what is effectively anti-human, anti-freedom and anti-future policy and actions.. Well, lets just say I won't lose much sleep at night if they ended up in my sights and some small but incredibly quick velocity metallic projectiles just so happened to detach their cerebellum from their spinal cord..

Dont get me wrong. I'm not for violence at all. I'm much more of a pacifist. But I'm not the kind that willing sits still and lets someone keep punching me. I always prefer the diplomatic way above all else. But there is also those on the other side of the argument think that any kind of people that get upset enough to actually say something back is an "act of violence". ie The "insurgence" back in January. That was nothing more than a protest with a bunch of hooligans trying to make it look like a full scale riot. These politicians all freaking out cause a couple of Capitol police get offended but all summer long last year police were killed and they were made to be the bad guys. But yet they their best friends when it gets a little closer to their home.

But I am like you. If something happens to those kinds of people oh well, guess they had it coming. I'm done with the rock star celebrity politicians whose "do as I say, not as I do - operate rules for me than you" attitude. Those are the people that are the biggest and most immediate threat to mankind's freedom and prosperity.

Like they say, Freedom isn't free. You have to fight for it every second, every minute every day. The currency can be as high as blood. But it's worth every drop.

I respect those who are generally pacifists.. As a general rule regardless of them taking up arms even the pacifist in a situation such as civil war is extremely valueable.

Some of the best medics of WWII were pacifists and their efforts in the war, even though they never fired a round, saved countless lives and that is arguably worth more than taking a life in a lot of situations.

I look at it this way.. They managed to storm the capital unarmed pretty much. Now imagine if instead of a bunch of idiot soy boys going in there to take selfies you actually went in there with a decent sized platoon of armed freedom fighters to go harvest their servers and computers or something.. Not only is it possible it's a likely course of action in the years to come. I won't be involved with it directly due to geographic constraints but I'll sure as fuck help arm that chapter if and when they decide to up the ante and apply pressure where pressure is warranted.

If by some miracle we can invoke the necessary changes globally without a single shot fired or explosion made.. That would be optimal.. But the realist in me isn't putting a bet on what needs to happen to be bloodless sadly. :(

It is what it is, I just don't want some unstable person to read this text and take it as me telling them to go blow up parliament.. That is a last resort type thing and not something I'm even horny for, Trying to fix things, not fuck things up if that makes any sense.

I like that "freedom isn't free" saying.. I' might have to steal that. :D

You're on point though. Never know when the cause might need a crazy trucker fellow to east bound and down some freedom where it's required. <3

I'm not so much of a "make love not war" pacifist. More like the kind that doesnt seek out the violence. But if someone brings it I will not run. I still like a good smackdown.

I got the freedom saying from my dad. He quoted that to me many times while growing up. I still dont know if that was his own original saying or if he got it from somewhere. But I never realized until I was well into adulthood what it actually means.
And you are right. Its a very powerful statement and one of my favorites considering the kind of man he was.
He lived to 97 yrs old while kicking Nazi ass and helping people hang Mussolini by piano wire. Never touched a drop of alcohol, never beat his 5 kids and retired with mom in a very successful marriage of over 70 yrs.
He was, is and always be my idol!

Rule by force is the disease, who and how are symptoms.

They are gonna have to learn to leave us alone, again.
I'll believe it is happening when the first one hangs.
Until then, smoke and mirrors.
Be like grendel, come out of the fog.
Organizing where you are is likely to get you bombed from the air.