The PhotoGames History + Reboot 2021

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Authored by @sjarvie5

It is 2021 and we are bringing back PhotoGames!

What are PhotoGames?

Fun, interactive, photographic games for the whole HIVE community.
"A little bit of sport and a whole lot of community"

WHAT ARE THE PHOTOGAMES 2018? The original Introduction


PhotoGames was created one evening in January 2018 by 3 photographers, @jarvie, @derekkind and @caseygrimley, while discussing blockchain posting ideas including how to get the photography community closer together. @Jarvie suggested doing an ongoing series of Photography Games every week.

Season One

The first season was a great success! It happened from February- March 2018 and had over 75 participants.

Season Two

The second season was a very fun and intense month long event in April 2018 with @jarvie, @caseygimley and @derekkind, and @gabyoraa leading the teams.

@jarvie then took over creating and judging the games with the help of @r00sj3 until October 2018.

Season Three

The start of Season 3 brings us to the present day.

The brother and sister duo of @jarvie and @sjarvie5 decided to "reboot" PhotoGames! With the increased capacity of Hive and the help of they created:

  • A PhotoGames Community
  • Community badges
  • PhotoGames group and community wide chat
  • Curated Collections to organize active games
  • Preferred topics to organize all community posts.
  • A reward pool for the games
  • A required beneficiary to that pool
  • Public access game post templates

Season 3 will start on May 17, 2021 and run for 8 weeks. There will be 4 photo stars each week hosting 3-4 games a piece for everyone play for fun and a spot on the leaderboard.

Photo Stars

Each week a group of 4 photographers called PhotoStars choose 3-4 games to host and judge during that week.


If you would like to be a Photo Star please reach out to @photogames using chat on

Types of Games

You do not need to be a photographer to play. There are tons of unique games which rotate all the time. Each game lets ALL OF YOU interact.

Gameplay is usually based on one of the following:

Guessing skills
Creative commentary tasks
Usage of your photo skills
Knowledge of photography
Posting your own pictures

Some of these games require no photo skills, just an appreciation of photography. Others will greatly benefit the best photographers out there. It really is a game for the whole Hive community.

Examples of past Games

“Metadata Monday” - Guess the focal length, shutter speed, aperture, etc.
"Title Tuesday"- create the best title to go with picture
“Where is it Wednesday”- Guess the location
“Thoughtful Thursday” - Create a Meme out of a picture
“Fixit Friday” - Edit a picture
“Show-Off Saturday” - Show off your own picture based on a theme

Next steps

Are you ready to play?

  1. Watch for a Season 3 Announcement: Photogames post for more details!
  2. Make sure you follow @photogames
  3. Subscribe to the new PhotoGames Community c/Photogames
 last year  

it's about **** time! :D #partymode

 last year  

lol... LOVE the role I got :D

 last year  

YAY! So glad. It was fun coming up with the roles.

 last year  

from now on... all I can do is disappoint ;)

I remember you are a PS master! :D and I love the time being in a group with you, and Derek and others, so much fun!

 last year  

No way. I am sure you will continue to impress us with your skills!!

 last year  

Party indeed!

We will be sponsoring the first season with a decent sized prize pool and creating a few new community features that will help this community as well (which will be usable by other communities of course)

 last year  

wonderful! Thanks! All the work you have done makes it so much easier to play again.

I confess I'm intrigued. I'm followed and subscribed, we'll see what happens!

 last year  

So glad Laura.

 last year  

This is really gonna be amazing lots of planning has gone into this mostly by @sjarvie5

So many new awesome features of Hive and peakd are gonna make this really fun and easy

 last year  

It is going to be great!

Woohoo! Looking forward to the fun. Thanks you two!

 last year  

It is going to be great to have the gang together again.

Woohoo~you guys are back! So exciting!! I just saw the news from Sara...

 last year  

It is gonna be great.

 last year  

We are so excited. It has been too long. PhotoGames for a come back!

 last year  

Yes! Let the GIFs begin!!!

We also need to update my photo, my hair is a bit longer now.

Cool is this a stealth way to get @derekkind using the platform again ;-)

 last year  

and you playing the games! Yes, come back....DEREK!

This could be funny! 😎

 last year  

Hi @seckorama. We are excited to start playing and look forward to you joining the games.

Cool! I've been looking for some inspiration to post again!

 last year  

Great, we like being inspiration and look forwarded to having you play!

Good to read this, I'm looking forward for some (more) photo fun :P

 last year  

We are happy you are going to play.

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How nice! I am active in several photo communities, so you got me hooked with two words: photo and games
Followed the account and maybe there is a way to get all the photo communities to work together to make these games huge! @victorbz what do you think ? The analog photo community should participate in this?

wow cool! definitely want to try this out :)

sounds fun.

Cool! I love parties! Looking forward to attend 😍