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Hello Splinterland warriors!

How are you all guys hope you will be blessed and fine here is another post about the Splinterlands game in which i will be sharing the quest rewards of today along with LEAGUE TIRE advancement and a rare gold card from the gladius edition.


You guys will know about the brawls battle result that all the guild has been recived their specific amount of merits by points and our guild got 1800 merits each through which i bought one more pack this time with 2000 merits tokens from the splinterlands shop and opened the pack that time and got this life monster in the gold foil edition which is a rare gold worth 2000 Collection power not a bad increment in my collection power that i will hold and will ever ever burn for the dec tokens as i burned some epic and rare Furious chicken card for the dec tokens when i was buying the untamed edition packs for the legendary airdrops where i invested 2000 USD and got some high return in the form of legendary airdrops like lama, kitty, and other cards including one epic worth 200+ and also got two GFL from the pack opening so round about i got worth 6k USD.



In the gladius card there are some useful abilities at high level but the one ability which is more powerful than all and that ability you can get from level 1 which is knowns the bloodlust ability in yesterday brawl battle i used only one card in my brawls battlefield against the enemy team and i won the battle with a single epic card from the other with bloodlust and healing ability which gains more stats all the time when a monster killed by a bloodlust ability monster. Here in this card the range attack will be 3 when you make it level 3 and the doge with phase ability that you will be unlocked at level 4 and level 7.



Well, finally reached to gold 2 league for the first time in this season with earth quest compeletion in it and i will get 26 loot chests at the end of season if i stayed in this league but same like other seasons i will reach to the diamond 3 league atleast to get 40 loot chests rewards for the season end in the last season i did not got good cards so i did not shared it yet hope this time will get some good rewards from the season end then i will make a post on it.



Here is the gladius pack opening result in which i got 4 common cards from the different splinters instead of getting the fire and dragon i got cards for all splinters like life, earth, death and water the rare gold card belongs to the life splinter with range attack family while rest of the cards are melee and magic with some cool abilities like bloodlust in all cards and shield, lifeleech with opportunity.



Well, the quest was easy and it was with the earth splinter that i completed easily without losing a single battle during the quest and claimed the rewards with 2200+ rating in gold 2 league where i got two extra loot chest for the quest rewards but got nothing from the quest only potion charges with 2 common cards one is from neutral family and the other one is from the earth both the cards are upgraded to level 6 and 5 with their abilities of healing and void and both the cards has flying abilities that you can use in the earthquake ruleset.

All images and animations are from the Splinterlands blogs and website

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