Share Your Battle Weekly Challenge: Feral Spirit Advantage And Disadvantage

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Hello splinterlanders, how are you feeling today? Feel happy after a few days I have posted in hive. I have been waiting for this week's challenges for a few days now but when i saw it yesterday, i was very tired and i couldn't do anything until today i have strength to post.
I was looking for a battle suitable to use feral spirit. I was unfortunate to see it in time until I lost more than 6 battles in a row.
Feral spirit is a good monster to use. I have seen this monster in battles and some of the players used this monster to defeat me in battle. The reason I don't use this monster is that my feral spirit is still in level one which is not good for me to use in the battles and I have some sneaky monsters: that is the reason I don't use it in battles.
I have witnessed many battles with feral spirit in battle, i have seen the usefulness of this
Monster in battles. Sometimes, I wondered why I did not use this monster in battle because of its versatility in battles.
One day, toward the end of the season, I was looking for 10 more points to reach top 20 in the silver league. I came across this player that used feral spirit in a battle, was defeated hand down in the battle and I could not reach 50 in that season.
I became angry with myself ‘why I did not leave it in 22 positions’ . I went back to the top 50 in that season.
The common thing I like about feral spirit is the speed. Level 1 of feral spirit has
4 speed which is higher than some monsters in the high level. Using this type of monster in the battles that require speed gives you an upper edge in the battles. Most times i saw feral spirit in the battles,it is either feral spirit attacks first or second in the battles: this was how i realized that feral spirit is very important in some battles. Speed is one of the factors that distinguishes feral spirit from other monsters.
Not really good to use in the reverse because it would not attack faster in such battles.
What a wonderful monster to attack from behind, the sneaky ability is the major ability and potency of feral spirit. If you are looking for a monster to attack from behind, feral spirit is one of the monsters you can use.
Sometimes, the way we select monsters might not work properly, Our opponent may be smarter than us. There was a day I selected a sneaky monster in my lineup, while my opponent selected a monster with thorn ability as the last monster just like my opponent read my mind and knew that I was going to use a sneaky monster. My opponent destroyed my sneaky monster before the battle ended. Since then, I learned to read battles before selecting monsters.

One of the biggest disadvantages of feral spirit is the health, the highest health of feral spirit is 5, while the lowest is 2. This is the reason the monster is not good where high mana is given in battles. Feral spirit can be eliminated with a single attack in battles, except if armor is given by monsters or summoners.

For me, the best battles to use feral spirit are the battles with lower mana, because it is a small mana monster that will give other monsters that will allow other monsters to use along with it. With 14 mana it is possible to use feral spirit and other monsters in battles.

Armor Up: All monsters have 2 armor in addition to their normal armor stat.
This was the major reason I used magic attack monsters and a Monster with reflection in the first position of the battle.

feral spirit battle.png
Click here to watch my battle.

pelacor conjurer.png
Pelacor Conjurer: with the rule of the battle that stated that, all monsters have additional 2 armor with their normal stat. I brainstormed and realized that my opponent would come with magic monsters. That was the reason I used monsters with reflection as the first monster so that it can continue to reflect back on magic monsters and destroy their health.
It was a perfect decision for me because it eliminated Venari Spellsmith at round 2, and contributed to the elimination of life sapper at the last round of the battle.
Pelacor conjurer was not eliminated from the beginning of the battle to the end.

djinn renova.png
Djinn Renova: The major reason for the inclusion of Djinn Renova in this battle was the ‘strengthen ability’ as the monster to give all friendly monsters additional health to their normal stat. Since the magic monsters attack health directly in this battle, I needed to increase the health of all my monsters so that it would be difficult to destroy. I knew renova would give more support to all my monsters, especially the monster in the first position due to the serious attack of the monsters in the first position in battles. If not because of this strengthened ability, pelacor conjurer would have been eliminated in the second round of the battle.

Adelade Brightwing: just keep my first monster alive in this battle, it was necessary for me to use Adelade Brightwing to keep repairing the damaged armor of any monster in this battle. The presence of adelade brightwing was another factors that could keep my monster in the first position alive because i knew that it would keep on repairing the armor if were damaged. When xenith monk attacked pelacor conjurer, immediately when it was the turn of Adelade Brightwing. It repaired the damaged armor of pelacor coniurer. That was the major reason for selecting Adelade Brightwing.
Its magic attack was also significant to my winning.

divine healer.png
Divine Healer: The healing tank was very important to me. Knowing that magic monsters would be used by my opponent, and to make sure my monsters should remain in the battle without elimination, divine healer was brought in to keep increasing the health of the first monster in the battle. Divine Healer kept on increasing the health of pelacor conjurer in each round of the battle from 1st round to the last round of the battle.

feral spirit one.png
Feral Spirit: sneaky is its power and it displayed that from the beginning to the end of the battle. Feral spirit destroyed elven mystic and contributed to the whole battle immensely. Even as my feral spirit is in level 1, it was still the first monster to attack in the battle.

creepy ooze 1.png
Creepy Ooze: place it as the last monster to take the damage from any sneaky monster and also reduce the speed of the opponent monster. That was the two major assignments for selected creepy ooze. Aside from the two assignments, there was nothing else again because creepy ooze could not attack in that position in this kind of battle rule.

In conclusion, FERAL SPIRIT is a good monster that is useful in most battle rules in splinterlands. If you don’t have FERAL SPIRIT, i advise you to get it in the market.


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