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Daily Challenge #70: Dec 21, 2022: Vintage Photos
Challenge Criteria
Today's challenge tasks you with creating an old looking photo.🎞️ The catch? The subject is totally up to you! It can be a house, pet, or even a creepy portrait - but be sure to make it unique! The most striking vintage looking image will get a 😍 from us.

Tool & Prompts:
"vintage photos, symmetrical face, perfectly proportional face, hyperdetailed, head and shoulders portrait, stunning Water Goddess, Magical, Hyperdetailed Epic Masterpiece; Complex, Royo, Rutkowski, Greg Olsen; Bagshaw, Chevrier, Ferri, Kaluta, Victor Adame Minguez, Diego Gisbert Llorens, Mucha, WLOP, Anato Finnstark, HDR, Eldritch"

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Disclaimer: Final product(s) is (are) my own property and creations, re-post from my own account at NightCafe site, Instagram and Facebook. Origin image is from my personal collection or free images at Above is the link to the site post itself.

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Hi... it's been a while that I logged in here :-D.
It seems that you're now very fond of doing some artworks.
Looking at this pictures make me wondering sometimes.... that the computer soon would probably really replace human.
It can even draw so well.
This remind me of a popular film when I was younger... Terminator :-D.
The future world might be the world of Cyborg LOL.

Heheheh. Human artists can't be replaced, but we cannot stop AI Arts from developing and improving like everything else in the world now. I actually have an album of animals cyborg generated arts, waiting to be published. I'll let you know when I do that.

I really love. You are so talented. Congratulations my friend.

It's AI Art. I am not sure that I can take all the credits, but thank you nevertheless.

Ha I see what is the name of the program I had reed about one specific, his name is midjourney is in discord.

I tried that one, very good results and very public. Not sure if you want to use that for NFT. Read all alternatives for AI ART And try them for free first before deciding.

I like Nightcafe Studio, since I can control each artworks' privacy and publication.

I wil try with this. Thank you very much

Let me know your id in NightCafe if you decide to use it. mine is the same with this profile.

Ok. I will. Thank you very much my friend

i want to Lear some of AI cus I would like to work one of my painting in the AI program to make it as NFT. And tokenize in showroom. I want to start in that marketplace.